Thursday, July 28, 2016

♡ Kawaii Back to School Haul ♡ WalMart, Target, Office Max!

This year there is a lot of really cute things in stores!! Each year I make a series of videos about back to school DIY's, fashion, lunches/bento ideas, and kawaii hauls. Here is this year's back to school haul video!

WalMart has a nice selection of sparkly notebooks and cute panda folders/notebooks. It's best to start early because the cute stuff always goes so fast.

Panda design and sparkly notebooks at WalMart 

Cute sparkly pen cases at WalMart 

I also spotted some very cute Japanese style erasers at Office Max! I was very surprised. See the video for the whole selection.
Target also has some interesting cute memo pads and really pretty looking notebooks. 

Kawaii pens and highlighters at Target 

Have you seen anything super cute in stores for back to school? Leave me a comment if there's anything I missed out on :3

Cute fox cold pack at Target

See everything I bought and all the cute footage from inside the stores I shopped here:

♡ DIY KAWAII PLANNER ♡ Back to School Planner DIY ♡ Rilakkuma DIY

Hi guys! For today's video I showed you my DIY planner (see video below).

I'm including the two images you can print out if you want to use my same design. July is pretty much over so I removed the text and the dates.

Click the link below the pictures to save the largest image size.

Of course you can design your own too! These are just wallpapers from the San-X website that I created a pattern to match. Go here for more wallpapers (or just google it!)

Feel free to share your designs with me on social media, I'd LOVE to see what you guys make!!!