Sunday, January 31, 2016

Who is KOGUMA-CHAN? Korilakkuma's New Friend -- the New Rilakkuma Character Theme

Photo from San-X (Their page here)
Koguma-chan (or Little Bear) is Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma's new friend! A entire theme is dedicated to their new found friendship.

In this post, I'll translate the latest information about Koguma-chan from San-X. If you'd like more information about the release, visit my previous post and video. (And here's my latest post about the Koguma plush and goods)

Photo from San-X (Their page here)

The photo above says:
Explanation about Korilakkuma's new friend 
Smells like the sweet scent of honey 
Kuma-bees are Koguma's friends 
Tiny paws 
Round tummy 
Sharp teeth when Koguma's mouth opens 
Bear shapes on Koguma's feet 
Koguma's favorite: honey 
Honey stuck on Koguma's buns

Photo from San-X (Their page here)

The photo above says:

Story Introduction "Korilakkuma and the New Friend" Theme

1. The Rilakkumas went to the Honey Forest because they were invited by a delicious, sweet smell.
Korilakkuma went deep in the forest and found a delicious looking honey jar. Korilakkuma reached to grab it, and suddenly, a head peaked out from behind the tree.

2. Rilakkuma was relaxing in the shade beneath a tree. It seems that Korilakkuma is bringing someone else along to see Rilakkuma.

Photo from San-X (Their page here)

3. It seems Korilakkuma made a new friend. A brown, A brown, round, honey-scented "Koguma chan" (Little Bear) was who they met. Koguma always carries a specially made honey, and seems like it matches the kind of honey both Korilakkuma and Rilakkuma like.

4. They climb the trees together, play tag, and sometimes fight for the honey.

Photo from San-X (Their page here)

5. It looks like Korilakkuma is having a lot of fun!
6. In the forest, they share the honey and happily eat together.

Go watch the new video of Koguma-chan released by San-X. It's SO CUTE!

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My Koguma-chan announcement video: