Thursday, June 23, 2016

♡ KOGUMA STATIONERY HAUL ♡ New Rilakkuma Character

I finally got my hands on the Koguma-chan stationery series! I can't wait to show you all the great designs. You can also see my unboxing of the plush and series in my latest video. (and you can shop here for Koguma goods)

Huge box of Koguma goods!
 I bought my stationery from Kawaii Shop Japan, who has great deals on San-X stationery. However, sometimes she can be out of stock or not have the latest series. So, I found some other places that have these stationery! Otaku Mode has some of these, and you can get $5-10 off with my friend link (it's a coupon link to share with friends, not affiliate). So go here if you are looking for a coupon to buy anything there!

When I like a series, I usually go all-out and buy the whole set. Here I bought the large memos, 2 sticker sheets, full set of 4 mini memos and the two letter sets.  Below are the two sticker sheets.

Even the backs are cute! They describe all about Koguma! 

And I decided to get all four of the mini memos! They have really cute designs!! Each memo (as usual) has 2 designs.

I also decided to go for both the large memos, but in this series they are quite different than normal. They are like a book and open up to 4 separate designs.

Large memo design 1 (outside)

Large memo design 2 (inside view)

 What do you think of this new design? The design of the wrap that holds the memos is pretty neat, but I really miss the stickers that normally come with the large memos!

The lettersets in this series is also great! Which one do you like best? The second has a clear sheet on the envelope which is pretty neat.

The details are so cute!

I'm so glad I got this series! Will you be buying them?
Shop here for Koguma goods.

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Thursday, June 16, 2016


We had just arrived in Hong Kong, and couldn't check into our hotel yet. So we decided to walk around the area in Causeway Bay. Can you believe how shocked I was to see the Pom Pom Purin Cafe!! I had heard about it, but I had not specifically looked up directions for it or given it a second thought. I had never been to a themed cafe before, so I was super excited! Bo said we would come back and have dinner there! See my full video of the cafe here. 

So glad this huge sign got my attention! It's a small place, so I could have walked right by.

Outside you can find a big menu board, which is helpful if you are deciding to eat there or not. The menu has a mix of "real" meal foods and sweets. It's always such a hard decision... But when I'm super hungry, I will always go for "real" food, even though I know I'll be too full for dessert!

Some of the dishes even come with a collectible (mug, I think?) that you can take home. I think if I were to go again, I would go there for a dessert and get the collectable! I hope someday I can visit a Rilakkuma cafe.

Pom Pom Purin and friends are inviting you for dinner!

To enter the cafe, you go down stairs, and there is cuteness covering the walls and every place you look! At dinner time, there were only a few visitors, some with children. It wasn't busy like I expected.

If you go, be sure to get up and see all the cute decor. Nobody minds taking pictures inside! 

Don't forget to look up!! Pom Pom Purin's friends are in the sky above!

So we finally made our meal choices, Bo got a stew and I got taco rice. I make taco rice at home, but silly me I forgot that this one would probably use beef (as I use pork at home). I really don't eat beef, so I gave some to Bo. It was a really cute presentation. I wouldn't say the food is AMAZING, but it is amazingly cute.

Bo's stew

My taco rice

Some how I look really relaxed in this picture but I was actually really excited!!
Don't forget to visit the bathroom before you leave!! It's so adorable, so I couldn't help taking a few pictures!! ...And is it just me, or does Pom look like he's having some gas issues in picture one?


I think my favorite poster in the cafe is the one talking all about Pom Pom himself and all his friends.

And on the way out, don't miss the merchandise section and the cute wall you can take a pic with Pom! I just wish the lighting was a little better for pictures here.

Who's your favorite Pom Pom Purin friend? I now have a liking towards Macaron and Pom Pom himself. Have you ever been to a cute cafe? If you haven't, put it on your list when you travel to Asia because they are a lot of fun!

Talk to you next time,

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


When I was in Hong Kong, I wanted to make sure I made time for some Rilakkuma shopping! It's really great because the shops are stocked with both new releases and tons of goods/plush from old series!

Rilakkuma jewelry on sale at Lukfook! The big gold kuma in right back was $600 USD !

If you are planning some Rilakkuma shopping in Hong Kong, see my vlog and it may be easier for you to recognize the places on your trip!

♡ RILAKKUMA SHOPS IN HONG KONG: (In order of the vlog) 

記利佐冶街2-10號銅鑼灣地帶1樓144舖 (Store 144), Hong Kong

The shop outside has windows with tons of goods layered on top of each other! I stared at the windows for ages!
This is the first one I went to because it was near my hotel. It was hard to find! It is in a mall like building and you just have to keep rounding corners until you find their shop number. Even though it's first floor, I do think there is an escalator when you first enter. It's a tiny tiny shop, but it is packed with plush and goods. It may be helpful to see their Instagram or Facebook page first, and then you can go in telling them what you want to buy. They do have a second, bigger shop (below) so that is another option. When I was there, I was afraid I was annoying the salesperson, I'm not sure why. They do take American Express we noticed. (I took video of the outside)

Business card listing their locations and contact info.
inside Sino Center (anime/Japanese hobby mall)
香港旺角彌敦道582-592號信和中心11樓1105 (11th floor, Room 1105) 

My super purchase from J-Market!

Huge store! They are the bigger sister store of the one above. If you are also interested in Japanese games or anime you really should come here because the mall it is in also has tons of other related shops. The saleslady was really nice to me! If you ask about a particular series they are quite helpful. She even gave me a free gift! I think I spend a couple hundred there, haha. (There were signs against taking photos so I could not get footage inside the shop, but I have video of the mall.)

They gave me this!! I was so touched!
3. 旺角CHIC之堡店 Mong Kok 
旺角彌敦道608號W PLAZA 3樓328號鋪
Shop 328 3rd Floor President Commercial Centre, No.608 Nathan Road, Mong Kok, Kowloon

Burger kumas from J-Market! No Kiiro though! 

This was a tinier store too, but they also do have additional locations. When I went there, the girl was out, so I had to wait outside for a bit with another shopper. It seems they also do preorders because many were coming in to pick up orders. With all of these shops, it's important to check their hours because as a friend told me, many do not open until later in the day, but are open late at night. 

These are the three I made time for! There are others, too. Be sure to see my video to see more video of the shops and what I bought. Special thanks to my friend the Nancinator who gave me tons of helpful tips about these shops on my trip!

I have a question for you all. Have you bought from any of these (or other) Hong Kong sellers? I have heard that some claim to ship internationally but never follow up with order requests.
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