Tuesday, November 17, 2015

NEW RILAKKUMA CHARACTER?? "Koguma-chan" = Little Bear

In March, 2016 a new series called "コリラックマと新しいお友達テーマ” or Korilakkuma and New Friend theme. I think I'll call it the "New Friend Theme" for short. (Shop here for Koguma goods)

Images from the San-X catalogue have been leaked out on many sellers pages. (See Kumastore_kumastore's instagram) I saw this theme months ago but I thought it was a bear theme and I didn't realize the bear is a new character!

Korilakkuma pictured with the new character. Above is San-X's description of the series. (Image credit)
I'll translate the Japanese for you all:

Korilakkuma and New Friend Theme

It happened when Korilakkuma and Rilakkuma went to the Honey Forest. A brown, round, honey-scented "Koguma chan" (Little Bear) was who they met. It seems Korilakkuma made a new friend. 

With new watercolor-like artwork, the Rilakkuma bears' fun times with Little Bear are incorporated in the design. This new theme shows their happy, friendly feelings of time spent together.

I think Koguma-chan will be a little hard to say for many in English, so I prefer Little Bear! I think this is a really cute name. (As you probably know, Rilakkuma means Relaxed Bear, and Korilakkuma means Little Relaxed Bear.) Also, wasn't there a TV show named Little Bear? It was my favorite as a child--I would watch it every day!!

Here's some of the new goods that will be released in March. Hopefully, MiraPlush will have plenty of preorders! 

Korilakkuma and Koguma fighting for honey!

What do you think about this new character? I am super excited and I'm loving the new friendship dynamic between Korilakkuma and Little Bear. It seems Little Bear looks up to Korilakkuma. but they quarrel together while Rilakkuma watches over them!

There is no official announcement from San-X on this series or the new character.

I'll update this page as I find more information, but check out my FaceBook page and YouTube account for other updates on the series.

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