Wednesday, October 26, 2016

♡ Rilakkuma News: SAKURA SERIES, Tsum tsums? & Christmas Sets ♡ (October 2016)

I decided to start doing some new videos about the latest releases from Rilakkuma.
In this series, I'll also be making blog posts so you can see full sized pictures of the releases I mention.

First, lets talk about some of the new leaked releases coming in January. I got the product photos from a fantastic shop in Hong Kong.
So please do visit 
their Instagram for the photos.

Here is my latest video about this blog post:

It's the Rilakkuma Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Theme! 

Wow, what an exciting idea for the new year.

  I really like the kitchenware from this set! The items will be released in January, 2017. No preorder yet on MiraPlush, but the Hong Kong based Rilakkuma JMarket has them for preorder. Here's their Instagram. I have only shopped from them in person in Hong Kong, so I'm not sure how they are with overseas orders.

Next, let's take a look at the releases this month.

There will be a 2017 special series for Kiiroitori! It's the year of the chicken, so Kiiro will bring you good luck. On November 10, they will be released for sale on the San-X net shop.
Full info at San-X here..

from San-X

There's also a ton of new Koguma goods coming out! Yay! (Releasing in November)

from San-X
from San-X

There are also some bathroom goods including a toothbrush holder, towel hook, sponge and soap dish! They also have face towels too!

There's a new release of the Mochi-petan series! Tons of different San-X characters too!

I absolutely LOVE this Lawson set (available in September), but I can't find it anywhere : (

Any help finding this one??

full info here

 There are some really cute anniversary sets too!! They are offered for pre order on Mira Plush!

full info here
full info here
full info here

 Finally, the 2016 Rilakkuma Christmas series!!! Yay! They took so long to release info about these. I have had the Christmas play set preordered since September! I think I will be buying these directly from the San-X Net Shop. Mira Plush now has them!

 Yay, 2016 Calendars! I got one of these, too!
All calendar selections can be found here! I've seen them for purchase on the San-X net shop, ebay, and

I also got the yearly bill book! You can keep track of all your expenses! I bought mine on using Buyee, but I've also gotten it at CD Japan in previous years.

from San-X

I also love these little mascot stamps! I'm not sure where we will be able to find them though...Tiny things are often so hard to track down.

That's all! : ) Do you like this new Rilakkuma News idea?

Monday, October 17, 2016

Kawaii Halloween DIY ♡ Rilakkuma Pop-up Cards!

So this year, I was shopping for cute Halloween cards. But, I couldn't find ANY I liked! 

So I decided I had to make my own.

I came up with this super cute Rilakkuma pop-up card design!

Below is the front cover!

I am also making personalized Halloween cards with a sticker set, Halloween confetti and a Rilakkuma polaroid from me. It is now available on my ebay shop! You can also buy the blank ones if you don't have the time/materials to make these yourself!

Here are the images I used to make them....

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


This post is all about the new Koguma goods! Here is a link to the translated story about this series.

(original image at San-X)

There are some super cute goods in this theme: letter set, decotape, pens, and clips.

Also, there is a pen pouch, wallet, tote bag, and mug/coaster sets. Below, there's "mascot" keychains or Kori and Koguma.

(original image at San-X)

Finally there are four bears in this set!! I love Rilakkuma's acorn hat.....Will you be getting any?

(original image at San-X)

In addition to the main series, there will be a caravan event on October 15th. The Rilakkuma mascots (the big costumes) will be at certain stores. You can get the limited edition plush at this time.
I'd love to attend one of these someday! Koguma is so cute!

(original image at San-X)

Koguma limited edition plush (original image at San-X)
And also...look at all these play sets! So many options in this series.

(original image at San-X)

I'll post any places I see the series sold here! Have you seen them anywhere online for sale?

10/12/16: As of right now, I see many of these plush available for pre-order at Miraplush

Koguma series Plush (limited edition here) & Stationery

Delivering the Gloves Theme: The Story of Koguma, PART 2 [NEW RILAKKUMA SERIES OCTOBER 2016]

Today's blog post is all about the second story of Koguma: "Delivering the Gloves" which has also inspired a new series, the Gloves Theme (or Delivering the Gloves Theme). Blog post on the goods in this theme HERE!

(see original story of Koguma here)

Below is my translation of the San-X information page about the story, and also photos used on Rilakkuma's Facebook page. They had posts of the story each evening during a week in September. I translated these day by day on my own Facebook page, too. So if you'd like to follow along when I translate their posts, please check out my page, here! : )

Below is my translation of their posts, and then some images that I translated, too! Enjoy!

Because of the popularity of Koguma, the story continues! It is a heart-warming illustrated story:

original image at San-X FB page

It's now become colder. Korilakkuma would like to give Koguma some handmade gloves as a gift. She decided to go to the Honey Forest alone to see Koguma. 

original image at San-X FB page

Her first trip to see Koguma is exciting, but a little scary, too. Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori are secretly watching from behind. They are worried about Korilakkuma going alone.

original image at San-X FB page

The two were so happy to see each other after such a long time. Koguma was very happy to receive the handmade gloves from Korilakkuma. 

original image at San-X FB page

It seems Koguma is so happy to have his first pair of gloves! 
Since Korilakkuma and Koguma haven't met for a long time, they were really happy to play together!

(In photo: Kiiro says, "It's not food, Koguma!")

original image at San-X FB page

That night, they all ate a dinner made with fresh honey from the Honey Forest!

original image at San-X FB page

Tired from a long day of play together, the two went to sleep.
This is the end of this mini story. Did you enjoy it?

Translated captions by me, original image at San-X

Translated captions by me, original image at San-X