Friday, September 30, 2016

♡ Kawaii Plan with Me: October Layout ♡

Here are the layouts I made for my planner for October. There are a few versions: Halloween version (with and without numbers) and 2 different fall designs. Enjoy!

Here is the video of how you can make it:

Tell me any image requests for November!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Halloween & Christmas Rilakkuma 2016! ♡ RILAKKUMA HOLIDAY PLAYSETS

Wow! There are some really cute new releases out from San-X this season! Check out my video about the new releases if you haven't seen it yet.

Here are the three main plush from the Halloween release:

They are ghosts!! So cute. I remember an old Halloween ghost release, but this time they are real ghosts and no legs! I love the pumpkin bags too.
You can also get keychain versions too. 

And there is also the Halloween Playset!! Wow, I love the Kiiro ghost hovering in back, and that pumpkin cake looks yummy : ) It is no longer on pre-order at Miraplush.
On the San-X webshop, you can also buy it directly using Tenso, for 10800 yen.
Read more about the set here.

 And then....The Christmas playset! I preordered this one using Tenso. It was 16200 yen! It will be my first play set EVER. Using Tenso, I expect to pay some more in fees, and then I'll select the shipping method. I'm hoping it will come up under $200. Here is where you can order at San-X. It is a December release, so you won't have it shipped until then. But preorder now while they offer it!

 I'm so happy they included Koguma in the celebration! Will there be a main Christmas series this year? I hope so.. We will have to wait and see.

There is ALSO a really cute Sumikko Gurashi Christmas set! It's a bit cheaper, so now I'm tempted to buy it too.....

Will you be buying any? What's your favorite method to preorder or buy Rilakkuma? I'd love to hear any of your advice.

♡ Mary