Monday, March 14, 2016

PEEP NAILS: 2 Ways ♡ Kawaii Easter DIY ♡

When I was shopping for cute Easter things, I saw this Peeps nail kit at Marshall's! (See my Kawaii finds for Easter here)  Each color is scented, but my favorite scent is the green one, which is supposed to be lime.

I normally keep away from nail art. Even though it looks cute, I always end up frustrated and unhappy with how it turns out. But this time, I thought I would give it another try. 

It ended up working great!!! :D

Here are the two designs. The first one is the plain bunny head and the second is the whole bunny peep. The bunny head is the easiest. You can use a normal brush for both actually. I did use a fine tipped black polish for the eyes though.

The most important thing is to let them dry! If you can do the base coat on one night, and do the Peeps the next evening that would be best. I like to use a mock gel top coat that I got from Sephora. It makes it look really shiny and last a long time!

Also, at one point I did mess up on the pink bunny head's ears. I touched up later with some white in between to separate them more. In general, make the peeps round and fluffy! They looked best that way.

Hope you like it!!

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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Cute Easter Finds ♡ Target and Dollar Tree ♡ #KawaiiCart

Today's post is all about cute finds at Target and Dollar Tree! They really have a lot of cute Easter items out.

I also have two other #KawaiiCart blog posts, so click here for my Peeps Shopping Guide and here for my WalMart Easter Finds

Let's start with Target's Dollar Spot! I just now understand why it's named the Dollar Spot...Spot is the name of the Target mascot that is always above the section! Ahh..I can't believe I just got that.

So I saw some really cute bunny crafts! The first one looks like a bunny garland and a bunny bag!

There's also a lot of cute things in the Easter section. I saw these cute bunny plates and Easter napkins! Adorable!

Now for Dollar Tree! You may have seen the cute Easter plushies I got in my Easter WalMart Haul video. Soon after I bought them, I went to Dollar tree and saw these cute plushies! So cheap! The quality is of course not as good as the WalMart $3.98 ones, but still really cute.

There's a lot of cute Peeps goods out there too! So make sure you visit my Peeps shopping guide for all the info. The bottom picture is from Target, and the right is Five Below's Peep ad!

Hope this was helpful!

Kawaii Plan with Me ♡ February ♡ Rilakkuma with Hearts

If you haven't heard, I have started a new series on my YouTube for kawaii calendar videos! So far I have posted January and February's

This month I decided to go with a Rilakkuma with Hearts theme for the month of Valentine's!

I took some simple deco tape to go around the month and added in some large memo sheets at the bottom. I also found a few stickers from the series too!

The planner I'm using is the 2016 calendar that has the Monkey Rilakkuma on the cover. It is a really nice large planner. You can see my planner in my video here.

I have seen these for sale on eBay and also local kawaii shops like (Kawaii Gifts) in Pittsburgh. But as you can see above, I think you can take an ordinary calendar and decorate with your own memo pads or pictures you print off the internet!

Hope you like this new mini series! You can see the video here.

Kawaii Easter Haul at WalMart #KawaiiCart

Hey everyone! I'm moving my tumblr "#KawaiiCart" tag to my blog. My tumblr will still have all the photos, but this will be an easier way for you to quickly see whats out in stores. (If you didn't know this tag was where I posted pictures of really cute stuff I found in local stores!)

Today's post is all about cute Easter goods at WalMart! (See my Peeps goods post for info about finding Peeps plush!) I have been everywhere--WalMart, CVS, Walgreens, etc. These are the best things I found. Each week, the selection changes a bit. Last week there were NO Peeps plush at my CVS, but now they have them! Keep checking. But stores sell out of the cutest stuff fast, so buy before they are gone!

Let's start with WalMart! They have a really cute selection this year. 

They have lots of things for under a dollar. I was tempted to get these bunny clips and sticky notes. So cute!

They have tons of cute bunnies! Some are even under a dollar! The four larger ones are $3.98. So soft and I love the colors. 


If you like more of a rustic or garden theme for Easter, there are also some cute decor items too!

 The shopping cart....we were having trouble deciding! Bo ended up getting a lot of bunnies! They are just too cute.

Check my post on Peeps goods to see the complete Peep selection at WalMart and other stores! They have a great selection. They also have chocolate scented plushies too.
 I hope this was helpful!! More posts and videos to come soon.

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Kawaii Easter Haul: Peeps!! #KawaiiCart

If you didn't hear, I'm posting my KawaiiCart tag (originally on my tumblr to share local cute things I see in stores) here on my blog! It should be easier to see everything! (But the photos will still be on my tumblr if you like that format best.)

This post is all about Peeps!!! I am obsessed with the Peeps line of plushies and goods. This year each store has a different selection of Peeps items, so let me share what stores are carrying what! I haven't spotted the original peep plush anywhere, only the bunny peep.

The photos above are from Walgreens! They have an amazing selection. So many kinds of peeps candies and tons of peeps goods. Last week the goods were 20%, so we will see what this week brings! The largest peep shown is only $9.99 regularly, so with the discount it was pretty cheap. Usually even the tiny peeps are at least $4.99! Stay tuned for my Peep Haul Video to see what I bought : o ) .

These three gift sets are from Walgreens too! Each have a set of peep candies with a choice of earbuds, plush or peep patterned socks. So cute!!

I'm afraid I didn't get a photo of the Peep selection at CVS...but it was much less. They have a bear wearing a peep onsie, and some bunny peep plushies.

My Marshalls store actually had a lot of peeps goodies. I got this peep nail polish set! It was only $4.99. Maybe your TJ Maxx or Homegoods has some too. Keep an eye out for an upcoming nail tutorial, too ; - ) I love these polishes--they work surprisingly well! I was not expecting great quality.

 Now, time for WalMart! My store is getting picked over fast... but this is what I spotted. Lots of plush for $4.99 and some little mini plush gift sets.

I picked up this mini peep keychain for $2.99! They also had some cute different designs of snacks. 

I was very tempted by these gift sets.. I really want the traditional peep plush...but after taking a closer look, the shape of the body didn't look very good...It didn't look really plump and cute like other ones I have seen before, not sure how else to describe it!

There are also peep tumblrs for nearly $8! :O Walgreens had some for much less, but these are filled with peep candies individually wrapped.

There are some other stores carry peep goods, such as Five Below..Here is a picture of their advertisement I took below.

Hope you guys find this post helpful! Also see my WalMart Easter finds and my Target/Dollar Tree post!

There will be more videos and posts to come. Let me know if you saw peeps at any stores I didn't mention. I just love them!