Sunday, March 6, 2016

Kawaii Easter Haul: Peeps!! #KawaiiCart

If you didn't hear, I'm posting my KawaiiCart tag (originally on my tumblr to share local cute things I see in stores) here on my blog! It should be easier to see everything! (But the photos will still be on my tumblr if you like that format best.)

This post is all about Peeps!!! I am obsessed with the Peeps line of plushies and goods. This year each store has a different selection of Peeps items, so let me share what stores are carrying what! I haven't spotted the original peep plush anywhere, only the bunny peep.

The photos above are from Walgreens! They have an amazing selection. So many kinds of peeps candies and tons of peeps goods. Last week the goods were 20%, so we will see what this week brings! The largest peep shown is only $9.99 regularly, so with the discount it was pretty cheap. Usually even the tiny peeps are at least $4.99! Stay tuned for my Peep Haul Video to see what I bought : o ) .

These three gift sets are from Walgreens too! Each have a set of peep candies with a choice of earbuds, plush or peep patterned socks. So cute!!

I'm afraid I didn't get a photo of the Peep selection at CVS...but it was much less. They have a bear wearing a peep onsie, and some bunny peep plushies.

My Marshalls store actually had a lot of peeps goodies. I got this peep nail polish set! It was only $4.99. Maybe your TJ Maxx or Homegoods has some too. Keep an eye out for an upcoming nail tutorial, too ; - ) I love these polishes--they work surprisingly well! I was not expecting great quality.

 Now, time for WalMart! My store is getting picked over fast... but this is what I spotted. Lots of plush for $4.99 and some little mini plush gift sets.

I picked up this mini peep keychain for $2.99! They also had some cute different designs of snacks. 

I was very tempted by these gift sets.. I really want the traditional peep plush...but after taking a closer look, the shape of the body didn't look very good...It didn't look really plump and cute like other ones I have seen before, not sure how else to describe it!

There are also peep tumblrs for nearly $8! :O Walgreens had some for much less, but these are filled with peep candies individually wrapped.

There are some other stores carry peep goods, such as Five Below..Here is a picture of their advertisement I took below.

Hope you guys find this post helpful! Also see my WalMart Easter finds and my Target/Dollar Tree post!

There will be more videos and posts to come. Let me know if you saw peeps at any stores I didn't mention. I just love them! 

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