Monday, March 14, 2016

PEEP NAILS: 2 Ways ♡ Kawaii Easter DIY ♡

When I was shopping for cute Easter things, I saw this Peeps nail kit at Marshall's! (See my Kawaii finds for Easter here)  Each color is scented, but my favorite scent is the green one, which is supposed to be lime.

I normally keep away from nail art. Even though it looks cute, I always end up frustrated and unhappy with how it turns out. But this time, I thought I would give it another try. 

It ended up working great!!! :D

Here are the two designs. The first one is the plain bunny head and the second is the whole bunny peep. The bunny head is the easiest. You can use a normal brush for both actually. I did use a fine tipped black polish for the eyes though.

The most important thing is to let them dry! If you can do the base coat on one night, and do the Peeps the next evening that would be best. I like to use a mock gel top coat that I got from Sephora. It makes it look really shiny and last a long time!

Also, at one point I did mess up on the pink bunny head's ears. I touched up later with some white in between to separate them more. In general, make the peeps round and fluffy! They looked best that way.

Hope you like it!!

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