Sunday, March 6, 2016

Kawaii Easter Haul at WalMart #KawaiiCart

Hey everyone! I'm moving my tumblr "#KawaiiCart" tag to my blog. My tumblr will still have all the photos, but this will be an easier way for you to quickly see whats out in stores. (If you didn't know this tag was where I posted pictures of really cute stuff I found in local stores!)

Today's post is all about cute Easter goods at WalMart! (See my Peeps goods post for info about finding Peeps plush!) I have been everywhere--WalMart, CVS, Walgreens, etc. These are the best things I found. Each week, the selection changes a bit. Last week there were NO Peeps plush at my CVS, but now they have them! Keep checking. But stores sell out of the cutest stuff fast, so buy before they are gone!

Let's start with WalMart! They have a really cute selection this year. 

They have lots of things for under a dollar. I was tempted to get these bunny clips and sticky notes. So cute!

They have tons of cute bunnies! Some are even under a dollar! The four larger ones are $3.98. So soft and I love the colors. 


If you like more of a rustic or garden theme for Easter, there are also some cute decor items too!

 The shopping cart....we were having trouble deciding! Bo ended up getting a lot of bunnies! They are just too cute.

Check my post on Peeps goods to see the complete Peep selection at WalMart and other stores! They have a great selection. They also have chocolate scented plushies too.
 I hope this was helpful!! More posts and videos to come soon.

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