Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Lemon Rilakkuma Haul! リラックマ「フレッシュレモン」テーマ 柠檬农夫轻松熊

I got the Rilakkuma Fresh Lemon set for my birthday! I actually helped my mom with the preordering from, but of course I couldn't open them up until my birthday. ^.^

It is such a cute set, and as always, the details in this series are so great. Korilakkuma has a lighter pair of overalls and a white hat, compared to Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori's darker overalls and yellow hat.

Above is a view from the back of the plush. So cute how Korilakkuma and Rilakkuma have their hats hanging of their heads (they are attached in place) and Kiiroitori is actually wearing his! And check out the cute little tails!

Each have a cute little bow tie where the hat is "hanging" from their necks. Korilakkuma has a pink one, and the others are yellow.

I also really like the pin stripe detail of the overalls. Rilakkuma's has more of a masculine look with denim and Korilakkuma's definitely looks more girly with the lighter color and pink pin stripes.

They have a little lemon logo with a mini R on their front pocket too. Also, the tags on these are so cute too--in the shape of an actual lemon!

I'm actually doing lots of gardening this summer, so I love how these guys look like little farmers too. 

Look forward to some cute photography of my garden and this series on my instagram and tumblr of course!

In addition to the regular series, there is also a limited edition set, and caravan plushies. The limited edition sets have all three dressed as lemons! It does get expensive very fast, so I opted to just get the limited edition Kiiro.

This one is especially cute because he is sitting in a basket of lemons! The one lemon even has his face on it! Haha. I also figured I should get this one because it is a great shape to display. Most of the plush are hard to pose, and I knew this would look great in my dining room.

I celebrated my birthday with my parents at their house. Ironically, after I opened my gifts, my mom told me we were having LEMON CHICKEN!

Poor Kiiro...

She said it was not intentional! What a funny coincidence.

That's all for now! Full video will be posted later this week.

Are you guys buying anything from the Fresh Lemon series? If so, where is your favorite place to buy?

Talk to you soon,

♡ Mary

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Rilakkuma Halloween 2015 Pumpkin Series! ♡

I was just looking at the new Rilakkuma Panda series, and I happened to see that there will be a new Halloween set for Rilakkuma this fall. They are all cute little pumpkins!

Photo from TaoBao seller. Please click link below to view their shop! 

I saw this on Taobao, a shopping website in China. I'm guessing when it gets closer to the release, MiraPlush will most likely offer them for preorder. I'll post updates here as I see them!!

Will you be preordering?

Talk to you guys again soon!

♡ Mary

Saturday, June 13, 2015

♡ Getting Ready for the Chinese Wedding: Hair, Makeup, and My Chinese dress! ♡

Preparing for the wedding in China was a little different than what I did to prepare for the Catholic wedding. Bo's mom handled all the planning of the Chinese wedding before Bo and I arrived in China. In America, everything has to be booked a year ahead, but in China not that much time in advance is necessary.

We decided to have a traditional Chinese reception so that I could experience the Chinese wedding customs. My favorite part was the dress of course! It was really hard for me to buy one while I was in America. Bo's mom tried to go shopping for me and take pictures, but sizing is just too hard. Sizes in China are really small too...So, I ended up buying my dress on TaoBao LOL. It's kind of like a Chinese ebay but they custom fit it to my measurements.

Buying on Taobao let me see many different kinds of traditional Chinese clothing and I chose the Hanfu style. Qipao are another traditional style for weddings, but I preferred the long, flowy style of Hanfu. It is said that Hanfu in China was a major influence on the kimono in Japan.

Bo told me from long ago he was not going to wear a funky traditional hat or anything and he insisted on only wearing a red patterned top with formal Western black pants. Haha.

Bo's mom also shopped for a silk veil to match the color of my dress (which apparently was hard to get a perfect match.) When I got to China, I finally could try on my dress and I was so happy with it. I brought along my own red flats because I'm not going to find size 11 in China!!

Bo's mom also prepared some goody bags for all the guests. Each bag included special wedding candies. She also prepared raffle prizes, similar to bridal shower customs in the US. Also, she made these little raffle tickets that had our Rilakkuma wedding logo on it.

Bo's mom hired a company to handle the photography, video, stage, and coordinate the wedding. It was much like a big "show". They had a huge banner with a photo from the Catholic wedding near the entrance.

The day before the wedding we headed to the hotel where the wedding would take place and practiced the ceremony. Earlier that week, I also had a "test" hair do.

The day of the wedding, I headed to the beauty salon, which was actually across the street from Bo's house (very convenient). I had my hair washed and styled into an updo with flowers. Bo's mom got her hair curled and makeup done, while Bo got his hair super poofed for the wedding. I laughed when I saw him!!

I did my own makeup because Bo's mom said that I may not like the style they would choose. Traditionally, makeup would be very very white for weddings, but luckily I am already very pale. Plus, I'm pretty comfortable with makeup and I was happy how it turned out.

Bo wrote down the vows for me to practice. Omg..his handwriting...

Then we all rode to the hotel, me and Bo checked into our room, and I did my makeup over there, and got dressed. When, I was ready had the photographer come in to take pictures too. A little strange for them to come up to the room LOL.

Guests all sat around round tables and could begin eating during the ceremony. Fun fact..Bo and I barely got to eat the wedding food. We were busy on stage, toasting at everyone's tables and pictures afterwards so we amazingly were barely at our seats. The hotel said they would provide us with a snack beforehand, but it turned out to be a bunch of sweets right before we headed down. This sugar buzz was not good for our nervous energy!!

Here's the video with some great footage of getting ready. Next video will be about our vows and another of the whole ceremony!

Thanks for reading!! Until next time!
♡ Mary

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