Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Lemon Rilakkuma Haul! リラックマ「フレッシュレモン」テーマ 柠檬农夫轻松熊

I got the Rilakkuma Fresh Lemon set for my birthday! I actually helped my mom with the preordering from, but of course I couldn't open them up until my birthday. ^.^

It is such a cute set, and as always, the details in this series are so great. Korilakkuma has a lighter pair of overalls and a white hat, compared to Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori's darker overalls and yellow hat.

Above is a view from the back of the plush. So cute how Korilakkuma and Rilakkuma have their hats hanging of their heads (they are attached in place) and Kiiroitori is actually wearing his! And check out the cute little tails!

Each have a cute little bow tie where the hat is "hanging" from their necks. Korilakkuma has a pink one, and the others are yellow.

I also really like the pin stripe detail of the overalls. Rilakkuma's has more of a masculine look with denim and Korilakkuma's definitely looks more girly with the lighter color and pink pin stripes.

They have a little lemon logo with a mini R on their front pocket too. Also, the tags on these are so cute too--in the shape of an actual lemon!

I'm actually doing lots of gardening this summer, so I love how these guys look like little farmers too. 

Look forward to some cute photography of my garden and this series on my instagram and tumblr of course!

In addition to the regular series, there is also a limited edition set, and caravan plushies. The limited edition sets have all three dressed as lemons! It does get expensive very fast, so I opted to just get the limited edition Kiiro.

This one is especially cute because he is sitting in a basket of lemons! The one lemon even has his face on it! Haha. I also figured I should get this one because it is a great shape to display. Most of the plush are hard to pose, and I knew this would look great in my dining room.

I celebrated my birthday with my parents at their house. Ironically, after I opened my gifts, my mom told me we were having LEMON CHICKEN!

Poor Kiiro...

She said it was not intentional! What a funny coincidence.

That's all for now! Full video will be posted later this week.

Are you guys buying anything from the Fresh Lemon series? If so, where is your favorite place to buy?

Talk to you soon,

♡ Mary

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