Friday, July 31, 2015

Aloha Rilakkuma Collection (Hawaii Series) アロハリラックマテーマコレクション

I have really had a great summer so far but I can't believe how fast it is going by. I'm trying to cook all kinds of fun summer recipes especially with seasonal ingredients because I know fall is coming soon!
I gave my normal plush some leis to wear : )
I'm going back to school, (and probably more excited just to do office supply shopping than for school haha) are you guys going back to school too?

I saved my Rilakkuma Aloha collection videos for summertime. You can see my plush collection video here, and my stationery collection video here. I also have some decor pictures of how I'm decorating with Rilakkuma for summer on my Facebook page too.

Here's some pictures of my collection so far.

This is a picture of when I first got my normal Aloha series plush in the mail. At first I wasn't sure I would be collecting them, but once I had seen them in person I had to order them! The grass skirts are so cute.

I also got the Lawson Aloha version. I love this set so much, but it took me a while to find it at a good price. It comes with so many little details! Lawson (if you don't know) is a popular convenience store in Japan. It actually started in America...My dad used to go to Lawson when he was young and was amazed to see it when we visited Japan. Lawson often has fun collaborations with anime or Rilakkuma so they often have special Rilakkuma goods.

Kiiroitori looks so cute with his change purse sitting in the cart!

It comes with a Lawson shopping bag, cookies and coffee. Makes me want to go to the Hawaii Lawson!!

I love to put my Hawaii inspired lotions from Bath and Body works inside the cart!

I collect a lot of Rilakkuma stationery, and for this series I have all the mini memo pads. It's nice to use them in the summertime. I keep forgetting how cute the details are! 

Kiiroitori's face is adorable in this one. "It's a relaxing time in the paradise. Why don't you join us?"

I wonder why they chose pancakes to go with the Aloha series? Rilakkuma loves pancakes though.

I love this pattern so much! (I'm a big fan of shaved ice or kakigori) It says "Aloha" in the first pattern. I also like the nighttime beach pattern a lot too.

Here Rilakkuma says "Hawaii is delicious, isn't it?"

I put my two folders up on the wall near my collection. I think my folders are the Lawson version.

Surprise! I found authentic Hawaii Rilakkuma fabric on Etsy. I made some curtains!

I got a coupon book in the Hawaii pattern from a Japanese magazine a while back. It has been really handy!!

I have the big Hawaii towel and also a small hand towel. They were from my good friend Isabel!! (Usagiichigo on YouTube)

So below is how I have decorated! I use the cubby shelf from IKEA on its side. I really love it for summer!!

Thought you guys may like to see my summer decor : ) I recently posted my Hawaii Aloha Rilakkuma series collection video, so you can watch that to see more of these plushies : ) 

Thanks for reading!! Hope to continue collecting more from this series. 

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  1. This is soooo adorable! I love that little Rilakkuma shopping cart. <3