Monday, September 1, 2014

Kawaii Wedding Idea: Polaroids*✲゚*。⋆

Today's post is an idea I had for our reception at our Catholic wedding. I wanted some way to incorporate my love of Rilakkuma and let the guests do something creative. Even if they didn't know Rilakkuma I figured they would have fun with it.

I set up a table with a Rilakkuma Polaroid camera with plenty of cute stationery, pens, and stickers to get creative. I made little folded cardstock in advance for guests to paste the polaroid and write a note for Bo and I. I got a big card box from Amazon and guests could put their completed ones inside!

But of course, a normal Polaroid camera was not enough--why not have the real thing! I found the official Rilakkuma Polaroid on eBay and bought the film too. I even found Kiiroitori plushies with him holding a camera! He was the perfect mascot and photographer for our wedding!

And it was a success! I was a bit worried when the waitress asked me how many chairs I wanted for the "kids table"...


But our guests had lots of fun taking pictures and writing special notes! 

The only disadvantage of Polaroids is that they are kind of pricy (It's about a dollar per picture). I had already considered getting a Rilakkuma Polaroid, but I didn't think I would use it much. This event was a great creative way to use it. Otherwise, they aren't very practical. 

You have to get used to the way it works. I experimented with mine before the wedding and preset the lighting/flash settings that I anticipated would work best. There is an online PDF with English instructions, so be sure to google that if yours doesn't come with English instructions!

It comes with a little mirror on the front for selfies, so that was helpful. It also has a special lens attachement which worked well for the event. Guests were typically within a close range of the camera so using the lens attachment let them be in focus. I was also worried about the batteries running out in the event, so I had bought two extras (which were nearly ten bucks each--a strange kind). However, it lasted the whole event with no problems and I have yet to change them even once. 

I bought everything through ebay (the camera $100+, the film $10/pack, the kiiroitori keychain $6, and the kiiroitori mascot plush $35). I also overbought film. I figured each guest would take a few pictures but I barely even needed one per guest because many friends paired up for photos. I think it was worth it to get the Rilakkuma design film because of the cute borders.

Overall, it was a super success! Now I have adorable mini notes to keep forever from my guests!

I have posted a short video about our wedding, with more detailed videos to come.

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