Monday, September 29, 2014

Kawaii Closet Organization: 6 Tips! (Kawaii Back to School)

I recently uploaded my Kawaii Closet Organization video as a part of my Kawaii Back to School series. If you've seen some of my room tour videos, you know I am a crazy organizer!! :3

I thought I would make a blog post to list out some of the great tips I've learned about keeping my closet cute, organized, and smell fresh!

1. The first thing I always do is separate all of my close by type: dresses, skirts, sleeveless shirts, blouses, sweaters, and t-shirts. I have some special hangers that hold 4 skirts on one, and a scarf hanger that I use for tights. I don't have drawers right now, so I have everything hanging up. It's a great way to see everything and avoid forgetting you have something shoved in a drawer.

2. After separating, I usually place them by color, going light to dark. It makes my closet look neater and is also helpful for matching outfits.

3. Keep cute boxes you get! They are great for organizing! I am using an old aerie gift box for my bras. I also have some travel bags that I use for undies organizing. 

4. Black hangers for some reason make my closet look so much better. I used to have the plastic ones, but everything just looked junkier.

5. I super love to either have my purses hanging up or placed up top like I do in this closet. It's a great place for my hats--and rilakkuma.

6. Make your closet smell nice by reusing dryer sheets and stuffing them in a cloth baggy (from craft stores). I then spray them with perfume! (I have way too much perfume lol)

I also keep the rest of my socks and knee socks in a set of plastic drawers and divide them by fabric and height. You can see in the video how I do it.

I hope this was helpful! Let me know any tips you have! : )

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