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October Skoshbox Review & Giveaway (2014)

Skoshbox is a monthly Japanese snack subscription service ranging from $10-12 dollars depending on how many months you sign up for. Right now they are only taking US orders, but hope to go international soon. Every month, you receive a variety of different Japanese snacks. They stock the snacks on their website, so if you really like something, you can order it from them directly. It's a great way to try different snacks if you don't have an asian market nearby. Also, my asian market normally gets the same snacks in, so Skoshbox is a good way to try new and different candies. Many of the candies in the box I never saw before, even when I was in Japan. (Japan has TONS of different kinds of snacks. Much more creative than the US brands!)

Above is a picture of all of the items in October's Skoshbox. They sent me a October box to review and offered two free boxes for my YouTube viewers! (Check out my video for the details) All opinions are my own of course, I simply received the box to tell you what I think about it. I hope my review is helpful and even if you aren't interested in subscribing to this kind of thing, you may learn more about Japanese snacks.

The first snack was Brown Sugar & Milk Senbei (黑糖みるくせんべい). I love senbei personally so this was exciting to try. Senbei is a rice cracker, and its not like those Quaker puffed rice snacks, the inside is much smoother with a crispy outside. Normally they have either a salty toasted flavor or have a sweet topping. The Brown Sugar was delicious! (My favorite senbei is Soft Salad ソフトサラダ! So goood!)

The second snack is Black Thunder Choco Bar (ブラックサンダー). The packaging makes it look like a very exciting energy bar, but its just a chocolate bar! (Why can't they make fiber one bars like this hehe) It has puffed rice on the inside and to me it tastes more like American candies than a typical Japanese one. It's more sweet and the taste is a cross between Kit Kat and a Crunch bar. Bo and I both liked it.

Next up is Maruko Marshmallow with Strawberry filling (ちびまる子ちゃんいちごマシュマロ). I have had these type of candies before, I think it was a Hello Kitty brand. The outside is a marshmallow, but it tastes less sweet than American ones and is much smoother (and fuwafuwa!). The inside has strawberry jelly inside. Very tasty! Good to try if you never tried this kind of thing before. 

And more senbei! Yay! This is Happy Turn Senbei (ハッピータンせんべい). These are really cute and have a sweet and salty taste. It may be a little strange at first, but senbei can get addicting!

Next is Pikachu Gum (ピカチュウガム) and Pokemon Monsterball Candy (ポケモンモンスターバルキャンディ). Both of these were grape flavored, but the monsterball comes in Cola and Spicy as well. These ones I gave to Bo :3. He is more of a Pokemon fan than I, and likes grape flavor. (Something about any grape flavor reminds me of medicine!) However, I tried part of the gum (you are supposed to break off pieces) and it actually wasn't bad for a grape flavor!

Kasugai Lychee Gummy (ライチグミ)is super tasty for a gummy! I love Japanese gummy (pronounced goo-mee ^.^) more than American ones. This brand also has different flavors. I have tried pear, orange, and kiwi. They are all really good. Lychee is good too!

I was pretty interested in the Summer Kinako Candy (夏きなこ)because I have had kinako on mochi before and it is really good! Kinako normally comes in a powder and you can cover mochi with it or even put it on yogurt. It's healthy and has lots of protein! 

But this probably is just a candy of course! It has a brown sugar flavor with a jelly inside. Really good! I haven't had anything like it before, but the brown sugar senbei does have a similar flavor. 

Hehe and this last one is Awa Soda Candy (あわソーダ). I'm a bit scared of popping and sizzling candy, so this one went to Bo to try out! He hasn't had it yet. ^.^

Here is their website if you want to check it out. It was lots of fun to try everything! Now I have my little snacks clipped with Rilakkuma until me and Bo eat everything up. (Those senbei are going down fast) You can watch our opening video of the box that includes me AND BO! It's been a while since he has been in my videos. Also details for the giveaway are in my video, so check it out!

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