Wednesday, September 24, 2014

(*´∀`*) Perfect Whip Review: Shiseido's Perfect Whip, Speedy Perfect Whip, and Perfect Oil (*´∀`*)

In this post, I'll be reviewing three Shiseido (drugstore versions) Speedy Whip products: Perfect Whip (original), Speedy Perfect Whip, and Perfect Oil. 

If you haven't heard of this series, its an affordable Shiseido product sold everywhere in Japan and easily bought online at places like Amazon if you are overseas (usually under $10). Perfect Whip is so attractive because it promises a big fuwafuwa bubbly texture!

Perfect Whip (Original)

The original product is pretty good for any skin type, it is gentle and cleanses well with no coating left behind on your skin. After daily use, it doesn't diminish my face texture like some other cleansers. It removes some makeup, but I prefer to use the Perfect Oil for that purpose, and follow up with the Perfect Whip (explained in detail below).

The product has a thick consistency and with water feels slippery. It requires lots of lathering to build it to the foamy fuwafuwa texture. Simply using your hands will take a lot of time and more product. For an alternative, use a foaming net (I got mine from Amazon). I hear that different ones produce different quality foam, so you may want a nice one.

If you have a Clarisonic, this is a great product to use with it! I use my Luxe brush head (basically the softest and most $$ head) and either put the product directly on it to build up using my hand, or use the net first and squeeze it on the Clarisonic.

For me the product's appeal is the smooth luxurious face-washing experience, and because it's so cute!

"I'm soo cleeean!!"~ Kira Kira Rilakkuma ~ 

Speedy Perfect Whip

This is the product when you don't have time! I would definitely prefer to use the original all the time, but honestly, I don't ALWAYS have the time (or I'm about to fall asleep on my feet) to use the original. It still is a pleasant face-washing experience, but there is something about the original (probably the texture) that feels more luxurious. (Probably also the time to build the product and relax a bit.)

Fuwa fuwa time~~ 

Perfect Oil

You may have heard about makeup removing oils being popular in Asia. I had always been advised 'stay AWAY from oil' because of my acne (especially at Clinique). So I always had gel moisturizer and oil free cleansers and oil free eye makeup remover. However, what I have discovered, is that often cleansers with oil tend to take off a lot more makeup and can be just alright for acne-prone skin, as long as you plan on cleansing afterwards. The benefit is taking off ALL the makeup, then cleansing your skin a second time (to remove remaining makeup and actually clean your real skin)--which means less junk to clog your pores. No remaining makeup and totally clean skin.

So I tried out the Perfect Oil and I really like it! I first take two pumps and lather it in my hand, then spread it all over my face and massage in to start dissolving the makeup. After about 15 seconds, I then use a pink scrubber from Sephora to gently lift off the makeup. I rinse several times.

After that my skin feels moisturized and not super dry, like many makeup removers (if your skin already feels dry at this stage with another makeup remover you use, its probably too harsh to do a second cleanse. I know the feeling!) So after the Perfect Oil it is then safe to use my Perfect Whip to cleanse!

In the last year I have perfected my makeup removing technique, from some great tips from Mia's channel. I really recommend watching her makeup removal video. Basically, I start with my eyes. I soak a thin cotton pad in eye makeup remover (I looove this Bioderma one! The best ever) and set the pads on my eyes to dissolve the makeup. Let it sit for 20 seconds or so. Flip it over to use more of the product. Then, gently wipe down towards the lash line. After that, I like to open my eyes and scoop the makeup that moved down below my eye with the cotton pad folded. (Mia's technique is more complicated, but this is generally good enough for me to get everything off). Then I follow with my Perfect Oil/Perfect Whip routine.

Above is the video review I posted. I hope the video as well as this post is helpful! Please feel free to ask any questions about the products or make any requests for me to review. I hope to post my skincare/beauty haul from Japan very soon!

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