Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Collection at Sephora

You may have seen my recent video about the new Hello Kitty Collection at Sephora. Since my video post, more items have been introduced to the set!

The previous line at Sephora was a collection of nail and makeup products (filled with lots of glitter!) and also accessories such as brush sets and compact mirrors. Previously I purchased many of these items, and also have a video about it. Generally I was pleased with the set, however I noticed that the quality was not matching the prices. I loved the glittery girly color schemes but I noticed items like the collapsible travel brush had a cheap feeling to it.

So the hopes for this new collection is that it is higher quality but still having the girly style Hello Kitty fans love.

I can't help but notice that some negative reviews are already coming in about the $49 compact from this collection. As I displayed in my current video, the present compact has a very similar design resemblance to the previous one that I purchased. The only exception is the gems decorating the new one (and possibly a size difference?) While there is nothing wrong with my compact, I feel that a similar one (embellished with normal gems, not anything such as Swarovski crystals) would be a tough buy for $49. The present reviews on Sephora say things along the same lines.

Wow! That's quite a mirror. It doesn't seem to have rubies or any real gems for the price ...

It's easy to get sucked in when things look cute, I'm as guilty of that as any other kawaii fan! But I aim to get good deals on cute stuff that I can use--not just buying cute for the sake of cute. (For example my very functional rilakkuma collection, lol just kidding!)

As we see here, high price items also don't always include the high quality.

However!! The other sets look tempting! As I said, I'm a big fan of the glitter, so a value set containing fun makeup and accessories would be of interest.

This nail set in the new collection comes with lots of fun goodies and is even called "Kawaii Nail Set"! Happy to see the use of the word kawaii in the collection.

What do you guys think? Have you seen the items in person or bought it yourself? I'd love to hear more. I'll keep updating this as I hear more.

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