Monday, September 1, 2014

♡ Married! Our Rilakkuma Kawaii Wedding (´ε` )♡

But we are back!

We actually got "married" or rather "celebrated" our marriage three times. Things are pretty complicated getting married to someone from another country (legally). But also since our families live so far apart, we wanted to make sure we included everyone.

Our first wedding was a simple civil ceremony just to begin our long legal process. So why not have it at Dunkin Donuts?

At this time we were so worried about how long the process would take. We were worried about me applying for graduate school, and Bo applying for jobs with our upcoming graduation in May, 2014. Then we were hoping all of our legal stuff would be okay, we wanted to be together no matter what!

In the meantime, my mom and I planned our Catholic wedding for May 17. My family came, our mutual college friends, and also Bo's parents from China. It was a busy time, planning and finishing up our last semester. 

We were also booking flights and planning our summer--for our Chinese wedding in June (in China), and our honeymoon in Japan. It involved lots of work, applying for visas--including a trip to Detroit (for Bo's visa), and a trip to New York (for my visa to China).

For the Catholic wedding, I tried to incorporate Rilakkuma as much as possible! I had a Rilakkuma themed Bridal Shower in a cute tea restaurant. (More on that later)

I searched long and hard for a Japanese style wedding dress. A lot of the wedding dresses in Japan offer different colors and are fluffy big ball gowns. I wanted something like that! However, it was nearly impossible to find anything similar in the US. I finally found a pale pink and ivory dress and custom designed a big bow for the side. (I'll post more details on the dress later of course)

For the reception, I also incorporated some creative notes for guests to make, using a Rilakkuma polaroid and fun stationery. Check out my blog post on it here.

Our journey was far from over--a little over a week later, we were planning for our Chinese wedding in China. It was held June 8th, and luckily our Chinese style Rilakkuma bears arrived on our wedding day for some great photos.

And a grand finale of our two week honeymoon in Japan! It was a great chance to relax and be where we love most.

More detailed posts to come!

In case you didn't see the video I posted on Youtube....

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  1. This is so sweet! You look so beautiful in that great dress! :D