Sunday, August 31, 2014

☆ Rilakkuma Graduation Plush! ☆

Bo and I graduated from college last May. When my mom asked me what I wanted for graduation--it was easy--Rilakkuma graduation plushies! I was so lucky they were released this year. And their navy blue and gold colors matched my school colors. ^.^ 

Bo and I have slightly different graduation cords/tassels based on our majors and achievements. I was a bit jealous Bo matched the bears perfectly with his golden tassle!

After our graduation, we had a party with some friends. I hadn't had a party in so long. I finally got to use my chocolate fountain, with yummy fruits. I decorated with my bears of course! Bo and I set up a game room with three monitors set up with different game systems. ^.^

Rilakkuma Graduation Plush (Fukuoka 4th Anniversary) Review and Information 

The set of 3 plushies are pretty tiny. There were not any other sizes or related goods released. Each bear holds a little rolled diploma and has a pink petal either on their tail or back (for chicken). There is a pink ribbon on the back that says 4th Fukuoka, for the 4th Anniversary of the Rilakkuma store in Fukuoka. [I'm posting these pictures and the tag so you can be sure you get the real one, if that's what you like. There is a fake version that is posted on eBay, similarly priced, but looks very different.] It came out March, 2014 at the Fukuoka Parco store for 1300 yen each. You can view the blog post on San-X here.

I bought mine both from eBay and MiraPlush, for about $30, each. This is over double the original price in Japan... Unfortunately, Mira Plush does not have them anymore, but occasionally they will be on eBay. This is the latest listing I have seen. Mira Plush is very consistent and trustworthy (not to mention packages often with the original cute bags!) but is pricey.

I wish there were more items to this set, but it's just an anniversary plush. I bet in the future there will be more graduating plushes! I think it's really cute and great quality as always.

Congratulations to any other 2014 graduates! 卒業おめでとう!Let me know if you graduated too!

(I stole Bo's cap for this picture!!)

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  1. Congrats on your graduation!! Love this plush series - so cute that you were able to get it at the same time you graduated!!