Friday, August 8, 2014

Rilakkuma Christmas Advent Calendar! 2014


So I just found out that the San X net shop is taking orders from 8/8-9/7 for the Rilakkuma Advent Calendar! It does seem a bit surprising for these things to take orders so far from Christmas! But, it will be released mid November, just in time for Christmas. Click here to go to the San X website!!

Screen cap from the San-X Net Shop website of the Pre-Orders for the Rilakkuma Advent Calendar Set. (Credit to San-X Net Shop)

It comes with:

1. Advent Calendar tapestry 630-550mm (embroidered, made of cotton)

It is made of tiny pouches you can move the little mascots around as Christmas nears!

2. Christmas tree tapestry (embroidered, made of cotton)

3. Mascots (Quantity: 24, made of cotton)

These you can put in the pockets and hang on the tree!

4. Ball-chain pouch (it seems it can hold some of the mascots)

How to use it:When you start, the whole calendar is filled with mascots. Everyday until Christmas you take out one and put it on the tree. When Christmas comes, the tree is filled!!! So adorable!!

Not to mention, you can also use the mascots as keychains for purses! Or you can hang on your own tree and make your own Rilakkuma tree! *This is actually what I did last christmas with cute keychains I have...take a look here*

The set is adorable, but with a tall price tag--18,000 YEN!!!! ええ-?! That's about $180..and guessing if us silly foreigners can even get a hold of it, the price will go up for people reselling it out of Japan..

UPDATED 8/18:Just found a place on TaoBao that you can preorder the Rilakkuma Christmas Advent Calendar. Miraplush is also doing preorders, but it is pretty expensive!! 

If you are looking for some cute DIY Christmas ideas, check out my playlist I made last season.

These are the bears I got last Christmas! I also got the Reindeer version too~~ So excited to celebrate Christmas with Rilakkuma!

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