Thursday, July 31, 2014

Asian Facial Massage?

I'm sure you have seen videos on YouTube about all the ways to massage your face to slim and tone. In China and Japan it is common to see facial rollers or ceramic spoons as tools for massage. You can find slimming leggings that you slip on during the nighttime, too. What all of these tools and massage techniques have in common is the fact that they are applying pressure to help create a slimming effect.

I used to think it sounded really silly. Why would rubbing my face (or any other part of my body) actually change the shape?!

Definitely massage is beneficial for things like relaxation and promoting circulation. But does it really shrink you if done the right way?

I learned about why massage may have this effect after my mom had cancer. Sometimes cancer patients have swelling in their arms or legs from missing lymph nodes. They have certain exercises to reduce the swelling and can also wear a compression sleeve or glove.

The exercises, many of which are special massages, help move the toxins and excess fluids into the lymph nodes that work, and the compression sleeves help apply pressure to reduce swelling too.

So when my mom got this (it is called lymphedema), she was pretty frustrated with the idea of doing massages! Seems there should be some other way to fix the problem. But when she told me about it, I realized the principles are basically the same as Asian techniques for facial massage. Applying pressure and special motions to reduce the puffiness and release toxins! It's not going to move fat but it can change your appearance.

I searched online and found some articles that explained the facial massage techniques (You can read one here). The massages are based on the areas that have lymph nodes (from inner eyes down to the corners of your nose, at the base of your skull, and jaw line down to your collarbone). So if you have seen any Asian massage videos, it totally makes sense! Lots of the massage motions incorporate these areas in order to flush the junk out.

I got this ceramic thingy from Amazon that is meant for massage. I haven't been very good about regularly using it, however. Also, I'd like to say that I think round faces look better. I am not really big on the slim face or pointy chin thing. But I do like the idea for the sake of cleaning out toxins and having a nice way to relax!!

Let me know what you think about these massages! If you are looking for a trustworthy face massage routine, I most trust Bubzbeauty : )

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