Friday, July 25, 2014

Asian Sheet Masks: My Beauty Diary Guide

Sheet masks can be hard to find in the US. My Beauty Diary is a brand of sheet masks from Taiwan that is easier to find. I have seen it on Amazon and even Walmart's website. I usually can get a deal at certain times of the year at my local Asian market. The prices are reasonable too. For a pack of 10 masks, I usually only pay $10. Buying them individually can be a little more expensive, but good if you want to find the kind you like best.

I came across a great chart of all the kinds of masks My Beauty Diary offers. Many times, the packaging is in Chinese, so I always am asking Bo "hey what does this one do? Is it moisturizing?!" And he replies, "Yeah they all do about the same stuff, hydrating, whitening, renewing..." -__-


So, I found this little sign at an Asian Market! It should help a lot.

Aloe: moisturizing, soothing, oil control

Pearl powder: moisturizing, brightening, nourishing

Red vine: moisturizing, firming, repairing

Apple polyphenol: firming, repairing, soothing, oil control

Q10: firming, repairing (probably a focus on Anti-Aging)

Bulgarian white rose: brightening, nourishing

Black pearl: brightening, nourishing

Strawberry yogurt: brightening, nourishing

Japanese cherry blossom: brightening, nourishing, soothing, oil control

Bird's nest: moisturizing

Hyaluronic acid: moisturizing

Arbutin: brightening, nourishing

Collagen: firming, repairing (again probably for Anti-Aging)

Mexico Cactus: moisturizing

Caviar: firming, repairing

Lemon Vit-C: brightening, nourishing

My personal favorite is the Aloe mask. It's the only one I really buy now. I have bought their mask samplers (usually its a seasonal thing, like, "top masks of 2014") but I'm a little picky with smell. Aloe is an ingredient I really like anyway. It is very calming for skin and won't break you out. You can even buy aloe plants and cut them open to use the jelly directly. ^.^ (You can find aloe at asian markets)

So if you are looking to try out a sheet mask, I recommend the Aloe for anyone. It doesn't have a strong smell, it's refreshing, hydrating, and relaxing!
To use, open up the package and carefully unfold the mask. Remove the plastic lining. (Make sure all of your hair is clipped or tied back) Then put on your face for 20 minutes, or however long you like. 

TIP: For summer, (with the packaging still on) rinse in cold tap water to have a cooling effect! Or for winter, soak the packet in warm tap water or put it in the tub when you take a bath. Feels so great!!

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