Thursday, July 24, 2014

Japanese Magazine Guide (^Д^)ノ

So maybe some of you didn't know, but last semester I was pretty busy wedding planning! I hope to make a post/video about everything soon..But Bo (as many of you know, is from China) and I got married. We had a Catholic ceremony in the US with my family and all of our mutual friends, and then a second Chinese wedding in China. For a grand finale of a honeymoon in Japan!

But today's post, I'd like to post about getting Japanese magazines. Between Bo and I, we have a wide variety of interests in different types of magazines, so it should be helpful about whatever genre you are interested in! Be sure to check out my video about this (and I also post on tumblr on the topic as well).
My favorite thing about Japanese magazines are: Amazing freebies!!

Even though I can't read everything in the magazines, I can still get the cute freebie! (for fashion magazines it may be a free cosmetic bag or purse! For anime magazines it can be a pillow case or a doll!) Pictured above are Rilakkuma theme freebies from Pichi Lemon (one of my personal favorites).

Secondly, I love the quality of content in Japanese magazines. When I was younger, I used to subscribe to TEENVogue or Seventeen...but after looking at the Japanese ones, I realize how much more useful they are. (and I can't even read everything!) The fashion magazines have great pictures and practical advice for fashion, hair and makeup. It's not like the flimsy American ones that you pay for that you finish in 20 minutes and don't get anything out of it. Usually the Japanese ones are larger magazines with bigger pictures and thicker spines. (and did I mention FREEBIES :3)

So here's the main info... 

I recommend using CDJapan to buy magazines:

I use the cheapest shipping, SAL, with no problems. Takes 2 weeks exactly to get the America for me.

The American website is! I saw Japanese fashion magazines on there, like Steady.,default,sc.html

Here is the link to the Japanese magazine freebie review site: (Use this to know what you are getting!)

List of magazines mentioned in the video: (You should be able to find most of these by searching CD Japan in English—*TIP* Also search google with the magazine title and date to see what other people have posted about that issue!)


Steady, (

CUTiE, (


JJ, ViVi, Popteen


Suteki na Okusan (すてきな奥さん)(

Kawaii Characters/Sanrio/San-X/Animal Crossing: 

Kirapichi (キラピチ)(

Pichi Lemon (ピチレモン)(

Ribbon(りぼん)[includes manga] (

Nakayoshi(なかよし)[includes manga] (

LaLa(ララ)[includes manga—mostly Natsume Yuujinchou] (

Chara Sagashi Land(キャラさがしランド)[very juevenile!] (


Pico Puri (ぴこぷり)[Animal Crossing and 3DS magazine) (Pictured below) (

Bo’s Anime/Manga: 

NyanTYPE, (

Dengeki G’s Magazine, Dengeki Bunko (

See above for info on other kawaii manga magazines (LaLa, Nakayoshi, Ribbon, etc)

Happy Shopping!! Let me know what you get!

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