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Strapya-World/Hamee Guide and Haul ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶…⋆ฺ

Some of you may have seen my recent video on my November haul from Strapya-World or my post on tumblr. I talk about some basic tips for buying on Strapya and give my opinion on their Rilakkuma goods. (Plus you can see my Natural Time Rilakkumas!!!~~Going to do a collection video soon)

But for this blog post, I'd like to do my first Shopping Guide post. I'll show you everything I've bought from them, and additionally, give you a more indepth intro to Strapya.

Bo's Strapya Kirino keychain as a Christmas tree ornament. 

It's a great way to use your keychains and not wear them out. 

Strapya's Products:

Keychains, squishies, and other phone accessories are common. You can often buy really funny bizarre things. You can also sometimes have personalized Japanese style keychains. Subscribe to their newsletter to always be informed of new products. This is the best way to find out about new Rement sets or Rilakkuma goods. Right now, they are carrying Rilakuloset, and Natural Time Rilakkuma plushies.

Tips for getting the best deal: 

Strapya offers a point system. Each time you order, you earn points. So next time (say you earned 15 points last time) you can take 15 yen off! (Which is about 15 cents) It's not always much, but it helps! Subscribe to their newsletters and facebook page to get the latest on their sales. They sometimes have very interesting ways to earn a percentage off coupon code. I remember one time I played a game on their website about finishing Kiroiitori's homework assignment! They often have great Christmas time sales. Their clearanced goods are also a good place to check. Fukubukoro bags often get clearanced low as well. HOWEVER, don't wait on the Rilakkuma plushies or Rement sets--in my experience these can get sold out, and not return. Their prices on Rilakkuma are only slightly raised. (So this is a great place to buy Rilakkuma plush!!) And sales on these precious cuties probably won't happen often ;)

Strapya offers different shipping options based on your location. To North America, there is EMS (3-5ish business days) and AirMail (6-14 days). I always use AirMail. Never had a problem yet, and with Strapya, it has been delivered in 7 days in many cases. Plus, I usually only spend 4-5 bucks on shipping. Here is Strapya's full details on shipping.

Next, here are my previous orders!

Strapya offers many custom keychains. Photo credit to Strapya-World. 

My first order was a custom made keychain I gave to Bo. They still have similar items. I designed it to say Bo and Mary in Japanese. It was very well-made (but payed about $20 with shipping), however, as all keychains go, it got dirty over time. (6/11/2011)

My second order was a joint order with Bo. He got a cute Kirino (Ore no Imouto) keychain (See pictured above in shopping guide), and I got a huge Rilakkuma pink pom pom keychain, Rilakkuma plush square box and also a Korilakkuma ID card lanyard/neck strap. We used a 20% coupon, too, with a total of $35. Everything was great! The Kirino did get dirty, so we now just keep it for display. My Rilakkuma keychain, lanyard, and box I still use to this day! (9/14/2011)

My adorable plush box kuma <3 

Keychain & lanyard 

I splurged for my birthday and bought the Rilakkuma 10th Birthday Cake ReMent set!! This was my first Rement set. I also bought the Rement display case too. This time, I also got a 20% coupon! And spent $59. (4/25/13)

My last couple orders I will bunch together. Video here. (12/2013)

They include:
Kiiroitori/Rilakkuma/Korilakkuma ("Leopard") Natural time ($58), 
Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma mini Natural time keychains + Moomin cell phone charm + two Rilakkuma honey/pancake rulers ($32), 
Rilakkuloset (Rilakkuma closet) Bee Rilakkuma set, and Squirrel Korilakkuma set ($42). 

I'm so happy with these orders. Their prices are right on, and I only pay a couple more bucks per kuma for shipping/their slight price raise. (In Japan, I believe many kumas run for about $17...Check your authentic kuma's original tags, and it will show the yen price.)

Please tell me about your experience with Strapya/Hamee!! Share your pictures of your purchases, I would totally love to see. Also~~ if you have any tips for buying Rilakkuma, I always am looking for options!

My first Rilakkuloset kumas!! They are the S set that include the bears. 

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