Sunday, March 6, 2016

Cute Easter Finds ♡ Target and Dollar Tree ♡ #KawaiiCart

Today's post is all about cute finds at Target and Dollar Tree! They really have a lot of cute Easter items out.

I also have two other #KawaiiCart blog posts, so click here for my Peeps Shopping Guide and here for my WalMart Easter Finds

Let's start with Target's Dollar Spot! I just now understand why it's named the Dollar Spot...Spot is the name of the Target mascot that is always above the section! Ahh..I can't believe I just got that.

So I saw some really cute bunny crafts! The first one looks like a bunny garland and a bunny bag!

There's also a lot of cute things in the Easter section. I saw these cute bunny plates and Easter napkins! Adorable!

Now for Dollar Tree! You may have seen the cute Easter plushies I got in my Easter WalMart Haul video. Soon after I bought them, I went to Dollar tree and saw these cute plushies! So cheap! The quality is of course not as good as the WalMart $3.98 ones, but still really cute.

There's a lot of cute Peeps goods out there too! So make sure you visit my Peeps shopping guide for all the info. The bottom picture is from Target, and the right is Five Below's Peep ad!

Hope this was helpful!

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