Monday, February 8, 2016

Koguma Stationery Goods & Plush! (New Rilakkuma Character) March 2016

Yay! San-X finally released the goods that will be released for Koguma-chan! The items in this series should be in stores in Japan on March 7, 2016. If you are overseas, you can preorder from MiraPlush or a variety of sellers on TaoBao. I'll be watching to see where we can buy some of the other goods too! (Update: there are a variety of goods available on Otaku Mode: here)

If you'd like more information about the release, visit my previous post, translated story of Koguma-chan and my youtube video.

So let's take a look at all the new items!
Photo from San-X goods information

First are some really adorable notebooks, lettersets and a clear folder. Hopefully, we'll be seeing some of this stationery at my favorite place to buy--Kawaii Shop Japan. Though a bit pricier, I wouldn't be surprised to see some of these items at Kawaii Gifts, which is based in Pittsburgh.

Photo from San-X goods information
So happy to see pouches and bags for this series. I'm not sure I love the big bag very much, but I definitely like the smaller too. The little one has English that says "Did you become friends in the honey forest?" and Koguma and Korilakkuma say "Gaoo.." Which is kind of like a cute growl bear sound. They are so cute!

Photo from San-X goods information

And here are the main plush! I have preordered THE WHOLE SET! This means I reeeally like them. This may be one of my new favorite series. I just feel so attached to the new Koguma. 

Photo from San-X goods information

San-X also has three more plush items: a keychain Koguma, a regular (s size) Koguma plush, and a larger Koguma-chan. I decided on the keychain and the S size plush. I think the s size will fit in better with the above main series. And check out the details! The little bear pads on his feet and honey stuck on his rear! Adorable!! What will you be buying??

If you'd like more information about the release, visit:

Koguma series Plush (limited edition here) & Stationery


  1. Great post! I seriously love this entire Koguma-chan campaign, I pre-ordered the M size Koguma plush! Can't wait to see your photos of the whole set! :)

    1. AH I'm obsessed... It's a new fav series of mine. Love your blog!! Thanks for stopping by : )

  2. The smaller kuma bags are adorable! Love this post!
    <3 Kiana Bee

  3. hihi, i would like to ask the koguma plush release in Japan already? Because i saw some website stated koguma plush will release in Nov 2016. But Miraplush have ready stock for S size and M size koguma plush already right? Only L size koguma plush will release in Nov 2016 right?