Thursday, June 23, 2016

♡ KOGUMA STATIONERY HAUL ♡ New Rilakkuma Character

I finally got my hands on the Koguma-chan stationery series! I can't wait to show you all the great designs. You can also see my unboxing of the plush and series in my latest video. (and you can shop here for Koguma goods)

Huge box of Koguma goods!
 I bought my stationery from Kawaii Shop Japan, who has great deals on San-X stationery. However, sometimes she can be out of stock or not have the latest series. So, I found some other places that have these stationery! Otaku Mode has some of these, and you can get $5-10 off with my friend link (it's a coupon link to share with friends, not affiliate). So go here if you are looking for a coupon to buy anything there!

When I like a series, I usually go all-out and buy the whole set. Here I bought the large memos, 2 sticker sheets, full set of 4 mini memos and the two letter sets.  Below are the two sticker sheets.

Even the backs are cute! They describe all about Koguma! 

And I decided to get all four of the mini memos! They have really cute designs!! Each memo (as usual) has 2 designs.

I also decided to go for both the large memos, but in this series they are quite different than normal. They are like a book and open up to 4 separate designs.

Large memo design 1 (outside)

Large memo design 2 (inside view)

 What do you think of this new design? The design of the wrap that holds the memos is pretty neat, but I really miss the stickers that normally come with the large memos!

The lettersets in this series is also great! Which one do you like best? The second has a clear sheet on the envelope which is pretty neat.

The details are so cute!

I'm so glad I got this series! Will you be buying them?
Shop here for Koguma goods.

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