Tuesday, February 3, 2015

☆ Kawaii Purse from Japan: Samantha Thavasa Haul サマンサタバサ☆

In the US, it can be hard to find super cute purses like the ones I see in Japanese magazines. In China and Japan you can find cute designs and pastel colors easily. Many of the bags are cheap too!

So when I am looking for a new bag, I usually check Macy's or Marshall's/TJ Maxx for brands like Juicy Couture, Betsey Johnson, or Hello Kitty. (I did a Kawaii What's in My Purse & a Kawaii Purse Guide video if you are interested ^.^)

When I was in Japan, I noticed so many girls with lovely bags. I loved the shapes of the bags, the pastel colors, and the keychains! (Though I hate when my keychains fall off...)

Finally, I discovered that many of the bags were from a brand called Samantha. There is a ton of different categories of Samantha stores based on different age groups and styles (like Samantha Thavasa, Samantha Kingz, Samantha Vega, Sweets, Anniversary, Deluxe, Petit Choice, to name a few!).

I visited several of the Samantha stores--a couple at Skytree Solomachi, several in Shinjuku, and Omotesando. The bags are quite expensive so I wanted to see all different styles before I bought one. I don't have a really expensive designer bag so it really meant a lot to me to use my savings to buy a purse I would wear for a very long time! : o )

I finally found my purse at the Omotesando store! They have a lovely selection (with several floors) of purses, wallets, keychains, and JEWELRY. Next time I will go back!

The keychains displayed on the purses don't come free! Mine was around $30 o_o; but I had to get it!

It comes with a lovely bag (you choose the color!) and a soft protective bag too. Make sure you bring your passport so you can buy it tax free $$$! (When you exit the border, you show them your passport, and they remove the paper that Samantha put in. If you mailed your purchase you may need to show a post office receipt, but he didn't even ask to see my purchase.)

Korilakkuma loves my bag too! It fits so much inside! 

Someday I hope to buy a nice wallet from Samantha, but many are just as expensive as the purses! Also... I have a couple Rilakkuma wallets that I am in love with (currently using my Rainbow Rilakkuma 2010 wallet). Also, next time I would seriously consider one of their jewelry pieces. There is nothing kawaii like their designs in the US!

Unfortunately, there is no longer a Samantha store in NYC, but there is one in Hawaii. If you are looking for these bags, check ebay! I saw a lot of great deals on used ones and also plenty of new bags too.

I take my bag everywhere! It goes well with summer and winter clothes--with pastels and also darker clothes too. I love pairing it with the pink pastel coat I bought from Rakuten last winter.

Yum Yum! Breakfast at Ikea. I love my Kuma keychain! And my fuzzy keychain I call "little friend". 

Here are some links for more info:

Samantha's Japanese website--> http://www.samantha.co.jp/index.php?nomovie

Samantha's global website--> http://global.samantha.co.jp/en/

My video all about my purse!

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