Saturday, May 23, 2015

Rilakkuma Panda Series?! July 2015

I just saw a post on facebook of a catalogue of upcoming Rilakkuma products for July. It's called リラックマパンダでごろんテーマ, or Rilakkuma panda series!

Screenshot from Mira Plush website! So adorable!

UPDATE 5/27 They are available on Mira Plush for preorder here:

I couldn't find any more info yet on Japanese websites so hopefully there will be more photos soon. Please visit this facebook page for photos. It seems this is the catalogue stores order stock from.
Very excited for this release!! I'll post more info as I find it. The plush and accessories look so cute!


  1. Thanks for sharing this Mary!! Off to go check it out now! :D

  2. This is adorable, rilakkuma is already technically in a bear costume so now he has a double bear costume ^_^

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