Sunday, April 26, 2015

Kawaii Mall Haul ♡ Sephora ♡ Forever 21 ♡ DSW

I went shopping last week because I had a 15% coupon for VIBs at Sephora and a bunch of fun coupons I got for my birthday!

So first I went to Sephora, and got a mini nail design kit, and a jumbo Colorful Shadow & Eyeliner in the shimmery white color. I already have the pink one and I love to use it all the time when I don't have much time to do my eye makeup!

Semi-sweet palette, jumbo eye pencil, and 100 pt Dior freebie! 

I also ordered online the Too Faced Semi-Sweet Makeup Palette. It has arrived and I love it so much. The colors are adorable and so are the names. I can't wait to create some new eye looks with the palette.

Forever 21 has some adorable items near the register. They have some fun Japanese snacks like Hi-Chew and some cute Hello Kitty sweets. 

I picked up a bunch of cute socks for $1.50 each. I spotted cute patterns with cows, watermelon, bananas, whales, and so much more.. These are the ones I bought!

I also saw some adorable pajama sets with macarons, donuts and elephants. There was one with strawberries which really reminded me of the Rilakkuma la fraise/paris/strawberry design that came out last December! So if you are looking for cute pj's or t-shirts check them out.

Bath and Body Works has a new spring line of Hawaii inspired scents. Because I'm so obsessed with the Rilakkuma Aloha series, I was pretty attracted to the new scents! I love the scents--they use a lot of coconut and fruity scents like mango. I picked up the Kauai, Maui, and Oahu scents. Don't they look so cute with my Lawson Rilakkuma cart?

And I also got the Georgia peach sweet tea mini size! I had a coupon for a free full sized lotion--and they gave me tons of coupons with my purchase so I'll have to go check them out again soon.

So those are some of the cute things I've picked up recently! I'll leave the links below to my haul video, and kawaii cart tag where you can see all the cute stuff I'm finding in stores!

As always, hope this is helpful! Take care.

Mary ´◡` ♡


  1. Nice Haul, I absolutely love the socks!
    I did a F21 Haul as well, if you want to see it's my last post on my blog!
    Love, The Minty way :)

  2. Everything you got is so adorable! I wish we had Forever21 here in Perth ;_;

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