Sunday, April 26, 2015

♡ Kawaii Beauty and Makeup Products at Sephora (*´∀`*) ♡

When I shop for anything, I'm always looking for really cute and kawaii-style products. In this blog post, I'll share some really cute makeup and beauty products and brands that you can check out next time you go to Sephora!

I will make a list of brands that either have really cute packaging or are really useful for doing very cute, kawaii makeup! 

Choco kuma and kiiro check out the Too Faced Semi Sweet Palette 

Too Faced packaging is so cute. They have the Chocolate Bar and Semi Sweet eye palettes. I have both now! I just got the semi-sweet for the VIB sale and I can't wait to try it out. The eyeshadow colors are even named after sweets...and SMELL LIKE CHOCOLATE!

Names for colors inspired by sweets! 

Of course, Too Faced has other really pretty products too. I have their "Teddy Bear Hair" brush set. It comes in a lovely bag with a bear keychain and a set of the softest pink brushes. I use them all the time, and they look lovely in my bathroom too.

They also have some really pretty heart shaped blush (Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush) that I haven't tried yet, but look lovely too.

Once in a while, Sephora gets in new Hello Kitty products. I love the products that come in pastel colors and glitter. The packaging is cute too. My all time favorite has been a Hello Kitty eye shadow stick that is shimmery and so easy to apply when you don't have time to do your eye makeup. I got both shades of light and dark lavender.

Sephora used to carry these retractable brushes and also a whole line of Hello Kitty makeup brushes. I have one and love it for travel. I've seen them bring it back so perhaps there will be other similar brush products at Sephora in the future. You can watch my reviews of the Hello Kitty products here.

3. Benefit
Benefit has retro style packaging that is really fun. Whenever I'm in Sephora I like to check out their newest products and colors. Their range of tinted lip and cheek stains are really cute. I just got the high beam highlighter and it adds a great highlight to your face above your cheeks. The slight shimmer is really cute.

I love the packaging for their gift or value sets. I recently saw this one called "Pretty Parfait". So cute!!

Tony Moly is relatively new to Sephora! I'm already seeing lots of the cute hand creams and lip balms being sold. It will be fun to see what other products they'll have in the future.

Tony Moly products, photo from Sephora website. 

5. Accessories!
Be sure to check out the little Sephora accessory section or the minis by the checkout. You can find lots of cute goodies here! I love my pink hair ties, clips, and bobby pins!

Sephora pink hair clips and bobby pins (photo from Sephora online) 

I'll be doing a post soon about my top kawaii makeup must haves! (expect makeup with lots of glitter and fun pastel colors!)
Mary ´◡` ♡

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