Monday, April 20, 2015

Sephora: Japanese and Asian Beauty Brands and Products

In the past, I often found myself searching google for forums or blog posts about good Asian beauty products that I could buy at Sephora and I couldn't find very much information. I've noticed a lot more products at Sephora recently! Let me share what I have found.

Asian Beauty Brands at Sephora

1. Shiseido (Japanese)

High end brand from Japan. In Japan, you can buy many "drugstore" Shiseido branded products with cheaper formulations. Unfortunately, you won't find those at Sephora (it is Sephora though, high end is the norm!!). You can find those products at places like Amazon or eBay quite reasonably. (See my review of the Perfect Whip Shiseido series here.)

Sephora offers a wide range of Shiseido's products, including the IBUKI line which is targeted for younger buyers in their twenties. (IBUKI review here, and blog post here) I most like Shiseido's sunscreen, cotton pads, makeup cleansing oil, and makeup wipes. Sometimes you can find these at your local Marshall's or TJ Maxx if you are lucky.
It's nice to get a gift set so you can try things out. Shiseido can also be found at many department stores, like Macy's. Keep an eye out for their free gift with purchase that comes several times a year.

2. SK-II (Japanese)
High end skincare brand from Japan. I haven't tried any SK-II products but they are very well-known in Asia. There are plenty of YouTubers I have heard mention their products.

3. AmorePacific (Korean)
AmorePacific also has a lot of high end skincare products available at Sephora. I received a sample with one of my purchases, and I remember being amazed by how great the lotion felt on my skin! Really expensive though!

4. Yu-Be (Japanese)
This brand has many different skin creams at Sephora. Oddly, I never really saw this brand in Japan. I must have just been not looking in the right places, but it didn't seem to be very popular. However, the reviews on Sephora rate the products very high!

5. Perfume brands from Asia
Sephora also has some Asian designer perfumes like Issey Miyake and Hanae Mori, but that is the extent of the products you'll find from these brands.

6. Tony Moly (Korean)
I am so excited for the Tony Moly products at Sephora! I saw soo many cute fruit shaped lip balms and hand creams online. If you are on tumblr a lot, you have probably seen the adorable packaging from this brand. My store did not have any in stock during the Sephora VIB sale, so make sure you check online (and they have been selling out too!).

Screenshot from my favorites list on 

Every so often, a line of Hello Kitty beauty products is released at Sephora. (I have several videos and blog posts about it) Sometimes the quality of this brand is a problem; especially when high prices are to be expected at Sephora! However, most of the time these products get clearanced out to nearly half of what they were originally posted to be. (For example, there was a Hello Kitty compact selling for $50 when it was first posted, that now is on clearance.)

Many of the Hello Kitty makeup products I would recommend, especially if you get a deal on them or find a gift set. They generally have fun colors, glitter, and cute packaging that is hard to find at Sephora sometimes!

Hello Kitty gift set (Screenshot from 

8. Boscia
Boscia is a North American brand owned and produced by FANCL which is a big Japanese beauty company. There is a really interesting story about the man who created the company for his wife, who was having bad reactions to ingredients in cosmetic products, read here. Boscia is all natural and does not test on animals. They have a new product called the Konjac facial sponge, which is made from a root vegetable called konnyaku (it's really yummy in Japanese hot pot--the vegetable, not the sponge!).

Lingzhi (mushroom) face mask, hmm.. 

In addition to these brands, Sephora now has sheet masks! I haven't tried them out, but it is a very good sign to see sheet masks growing in popularity! My favorite masks are still My Beauty Diary (review and video here), but I think I'll give them a try sometime!

Another item to try is the Shiseido cotton pads! Cotton pads in Asia are a bit different and I really like these Shiseido ones if you are up to splurge a bit. ;-)

I also want to mention a few brands that aren't truly Asian beauty brands brought to Sephora. Tatcha is a brand that carries products "inspired by geisha". They have cleansing oils and blotting papers--and are rated pretty well.

I'll be doing a new blog post very soon all about kawaii products to check out at Sephora!

Mary ´◡` ♡

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  1. Yube is super popular and common in Japan, but there is called Yu-skin-A. Same thing, but more of an appealing name for English speaking countries. Odd that you didn't make the connection, the jars and tubes look exactly the same.

  2. Yube is super popular and common in Japan, but there is called Yu-skin-A. Same thing, but more of an appealing name for English speaking countries. Odd that you didn't make the connection, the jars and tubes look exactly the same.