Thursday, December 4, 2014

My Tips for Asian Sheet Masks!

1. Have it hot or cold depending on the season!
In the winter, I like to warm up the sheet mask in the sink or tub so when I put it on it doesn't feel cold. In the summer you could also put it in the fridge for a bit or run under hot water if you are wanting to cool down. I heard this tip from Bubzbeauty : )

2. Use the extra product!
After opening a sheet mask, there is often lots of extra liquid in the packet. It's great for the neck and shoulders and even your legs.

3. For Massage!
After I do a sheet mask and take it off, I usually can tell it has absorbed a lot, but still a layer is on the surface. At this time I like to give myself a massage! You can check out my video for a mini demonstration using only your hands, or you can buy a massager from Amazon specially for your face. (Blog post here) Bubzbeauty also has some great tips for massaging the face. Additionally, with that extra product I mentioned, you can use it to massage any part of your body! I have back pain so it would be an added skin-bonus to get a massage with leftover product. : )

4. Miscellaneous...
For me, I try to avoid my hairline so I usually fold down the forehead part of the mask so I don't get oily. Many masks just don't fit my face quite right. If I notice it is dripping in my eyes or feels uncomfortable, I just make some tiny tears in the eye section and it is much better. It's best to do something relaxing while you wear your mask because it is hard to talk, eat or even brush your teeth (I tried).

I hope these little tips are something new! My recommendation for a brand is My Beauty Diary because it is easy to get in the US. You can find it at Asian markets and online at places like Amazon, Walmart online and a website I reviewed called Beauteque.

My video all about My Beauty Diary here!

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