Monday, October 27, 2014

☆*:.。.Rilakkuma Yamanote Line Collection & Haul from Japan!.。.:*☆

So adorable! Go here for all the details from San-X (Photo by San-X). 

Unfortunately, when I was in Japan, I did not get to ride on the Rilakkuma decorated Yamanote Line. I'm not sure if it was over or if I just didn't happen to see it. But, I was really happy to enjoy the cute Yamanote displays in the Rilakkuma stores!

Luckily, they also had some good collectibles at the stores too. I was so tempted to get the bigger versions.. and as I'm looking at my photos of my collection..I'm tempted to search for the bigger ones~~!

It's an adorable series, I just wish they had incorporated Korilakkuma. There are two versions of Rilakkuma a passenger and a train driver and a Kiiroitori plush. I got the conductor version.

I had trouble finding a page with ALL of the Yamanote Goods in one spot, but here are the links you need to check out for all the events and info: San-X Blog, & Yamanote Info Page. Here are some links on where you can buy: Miraplush, ebay and Amazon. I have yet to see any fake versions for this plush, just be sure you are clear on what size you are buying. If you ever need to ask me a question about an authentic one, please let me know.

As you can see in my video, I set up my collection in my Ikea cubby and hang the folder in the back so its like a little train scene! Kumas are hard to get to stand up so I just have a little plastic organizer to arrange them. I use a Yamanote Line souvenir towel to decorate too ^.^. I have the back lit with some Christmas lights and it looks really pretty in the evening.

You can see the video for more about my haul and this cute series!

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