Friday, October 17, 2014

Christmas Rilakkuma Series: My Collection 2012, 2013, 2014

I hope you guys have entered my Kawaii Christmas Giveaway (with tons of Hello Kitty Christmas loot in it), if you haven't you can enter here. I am also posting cute kawaii finds at everyday stores on my tumblr, so follow me there if you are interested.

As a part of my Kawaii Christmas series, I did a video of my Christmas Rilakkuma plush collection. I currently have 2012, 2013 and 2014 series. Here is a great website if you are looking for more photos of all the Christmas series.


2012 Christmas Rilakkuma Plush (Reindeer Rilakkuma) 

This set is really cute because each plush has different embellishments between each of the bears + chicken : P ! Korilakkuma has a strawberry, Rilakkuma has a pancake stack and Kiiroitori has a stocking. (I think they should have put money for him :3)

2013 Christmas Rilakkuma Plush (Santa or Chimney Rilakkuma)サンタ

This set is great because the chimney lets them stand up easily on their own and really great for Christmas decor. They also can completely separate from the chimney if you would rather lay them someplace like your bed. Each of them is the same--they all carry little Santa bags that says "Marry Xmas" and have a really cute Santa costume.

2014 Christmas Rilakkuma Plush

This set has really cute outfits for all of them. It's a red plaid outfit with all of them wearing a santa style hat. I love how each of them is unique. Rilakkuma has a simple cape and holds a kuma wreath, Korilakkuma has a beautiful pompom scarf and big present (my personal fav) and Kiiroitori holds a snowman. And they also have holly embellishments. I think they were really creative with this set!!

You can find many of these plush on Amazon and eBay and Mira plush. Feel free to contact me if you are worried about fakes. I haven't seen any fakes for these series specifically but there are fake Santa ones. There also are lots of Fansclub Rilakkuma that may appear fake at first but are simply for prize toys so they are a bit more cheaply made.

Here is a photo of the Rilakkuma series from this Christmas season.
(Photo from my iphone on the San-x net shop)

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