Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Kapibara-san Haul: Japan Haul 。◕ ‿ ◕。 Character Street

If you are looking for cute or kawaii stores in Japan, you should visit Character Street! You won't be disappointed.

I was on my way to Character Street in Tokyo Station to look for the Rilakkuma Store. We had a ton of trouble finding it! But actually when I saw the Rilakkuma store it was so amazing, I figured I would save it for a while (I knew I would buy a ton of loot and Bo would have to drag it around) so I looked at the other shops nearby. 

The Kapibara-san store is adorable! I wish I would have bought a plush, but they didn't have any that *hit* me. I have to really love something to buy it. So I got a bunch of fun things! (My video here)

I first got this super cute Kapibara t-shirt! I wear it as pajamas a lot. Whenever I wear it Bo just loves the face and goes awwwww~~ :3 At this time the Rilakkuma store also had a lot of Rilakkuma shirts on clearance (I was like Rilakkuma on sale?! YES ヽ(๏∀๏ )ノ) So I bought maybe 3 or 4 shirts for $10 each. The Kapibara one was much more...(✖╭╮✖) *yen disappears*

Bo and I love Takoyaki, so I thought it was a great souvenir to get a Kapibara takoyaki keychain! This store and also the kuma ones have tons of different keychains as souvenirs for different parts of Japan or places. (Like I got a Harajuku crepe Rilakkuma one)

I got this thinking it was just a small towel, but I opened it up and it was huuuge. So it would be a nice table runner for summer. It hasn't found its place yet, but someday it will. I love suica so much :3

I also got this Alpaca plush and this cute DIY charm keychain. You can select the charms you want in a basket and then buy. The Rilakkuma stores have it too, so leave room if you want to get them from different stores. (I didn't know this when I bought mine).

I also got this awesome duffle bag.(Even has Kapibara shaped zippers!) It comes zipped up real small, and you can unfold it and it gets huge! I wanted it for a carry on bag, so when I travel I can bring less stuff and then expand with my purchases. (´・◡・`;) This bag also has a little flap that you can slip through the roller bag so you can easily set it on your rolling carry on! So awesome! (I really appreciate this because I have back issues, so carrying less weight and not having a bag fall off constantly is really nice.

And as if my purchases weren't cute enough, the shopping bags are decked out with kapibara. Both big and small bags. *stuffs shopping bags in suitcase to never throw away* I keep a bag full of cute shopping bags in my closet that I just can't part with. Does anyone else do this?

The shops are also really big on gift wrapping, and they will usually ask you if its a gift. Often it is free and you get it wrapped super pretty. So say yes even if you are confused! 

I found that this store and the Rilakkuma one had prizes based on how much you spend, so be sure to look at flyers near the register to find the minimum yen amount. Then split some purchases to max freebies :3 (Don't be embarrassed you are a foreigner ^.^ You can always go and come back later on~~) The first time at the store I bought like $100 worth of stuff and then realized the freebie for spending $25. It worked out though because I shopped again a few days later and got the other version of the folder too.

Above is the picture of the two mini folder freebies! The backs have little cartoons on it. Super cute.

My video is below, if you'd like to see the items!

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