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♡ My Complete Asuna Cosplay for Halloween ♡ Yellow Sweater ♡ Nightgown ♡ Cooking Outfit

I recently posted my Asuna Cosplay video after previously posting other videos related to SAO (like my Asuna makeup tutorial video). Bo cosplayed Kirito, so it is always fun dressing as a pair for conferences and Halloween.

I thought I would do a blog post to give you guys all the little details about my cosplay outfits! Now, this is all from the first season. I have yet to watch the second season (waiting for it to be over) so don't tell me anything!! :3

I got my wig straight from TaoBao after bad experience with a very organge-y one from eBay. I think the lighter brighter ones look best on and also resemble Asuna best. (Although in the anime her hair color does look different in different scenes). There are some similar ebay ones, but I'm not completely sure which is the same one I got. (This one seems the same, because I had to cut a lot. Don't be afraid to cut a wig! :) its fun)

1. Asuna's Main Outfit

This outfit was a very detailed one so I opted to buy the highest quality one I could find! TaoBao has many different sellers, but I compared photos to the anime for hours and finally decided on the sellers I liked best. The outfit and armor came from one, and the sword another, and the shoes yet another.

I paired everything with translucent white tights that just make everything look better! ^.^ I did some work on my own to attach the belt to the sword holster-thing. I noticed this was a flaw with most cosplay. Asuna didn't hold her sword all the time! It had a place to rest attached to her belt.

 2. Asuna's Cape
 I made this whole cosplay myself. I made sure that the cape was detailed correctly, and I wore white tights, like Asuna and covered boots in matching fabric with the buckle.

 Bo and I spent some time about a year ago shooting the scene where Kirito and Asuna eat bread together. I always thought that was a cute scene.

I would love to do her first outfit which she wore under the cape, but I just didn't have the time to do so.

3. Asuna's Cooking Outfit

This one I also made by myself. The top took a lot of time to get right, but I spent a lot of time comparing the photos and making sketches about how it could work in real life. I looked at other people's cosplays and got ideas for the construction by deciding what I liked and what I didn't.

I paired it with a plain navy skirt and brown boots folded down to look almost exactly like Asuna's.

The best way to make your own cosplay is to take screenshots from anime and brainstorm ideas about how to do it. Be very careful about details because I think it can change everything.

Also, just be creative--I thought I had to find boots similar to Asuna's but never could find anything. When I filmed this, I discovered just folding down my brown boots worked amazingly well. So sometimes just being a little crafty without creating everything from scratch can help a lot too.

If you haven't seen it, there is a really cute Asuna cooking figure out so I thought it was perfect to include in my video. It was a prize figure but looks amazing!

4. Asuna's Honeymoon Outfit (Yellow Sweater)

This was surprisingly a hard one to get right! It's quite hard to find a yellow sweater like hers and also a skirt. Finally I found both at Forever 21 after looking for a few months. I sewed on the final details onto Asuna's skirt using embellishments from JoAnn Fabrics. Then I got some plain brown boots and cut light brown fabric to attach on top to look like Asuna's.

Bo and I visited a cabin to take photos to be similar to the cabin that Kirito and Asuna stayed at. We took lots of pictures and I made some posts about it on tumblr.

5. Asuna's Nightgown (Lingerie)

This outfit is really just a dress, but it was Asuna's nightgown. I got it also from TaoBao. This is a similar TaoBao seller, I don't think its the same one I bought from. There is one on eBay that seems the same but is super expensive (search for "Asuna pink" and it shows up).

6. Asuna's accessories
I have two necklaces that look a lot like the Yui tear-drop shaped necklace. One Bo bought me from TaoBao and the other one I bought in Prague made from Swarovski elements.

The left one is the necklace from Prague and it is much smaller and is a true blue color. The other is larger and reflects many colors depending on the light and what you wear, but normally it is clear.

There is also a perfume from Tous that looks like Yui's necklace! I recommend it because it is beautiful and also smells very nice. Tous is where we bought our rings so when I saw this it seemed very meant to be <3.

Swords: Bo and I were very picky with our swords! So we paid a lot to make it perfect. There is an option between the two really authentic ones--whether you want the authentic heavier weight or light material. We went with the lighter one because shipping from China was already outrageous. Here is the TaoBao seller. There is no attachment for the cosplay to the sword because these are all commonly from different sellers. So I made my own attachment.

Here's a picture of Bo and I.

As you guys know, Bo also cosplayed Kirito with me, but I'm not sure I can get him to do a full video of it. Haha. But I have lots of photos on my tumblr.

Watch the video if you haven't seen it!!! I put lots of work into it!! : )

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