Thursday, December 4, 2014

Beauteque Bridal Bag Haul & My Beauty Diary Review (and freebie with coupon)

I'm really excited to another Asian beauty-related blog post today. You guys probably know that I am a long time fan of the My Beauty Diary face masks, so I'm glad to do a full review about some of their products--including what is in the Bridal Beauty bag from Beauteque. From getting this bag, I got to try two new flavors/types of their masks, and also a wash-off style mask! They let me know that if you use my username (Pescamaryan) you will get a free mask with your order.

For all the details about  the sheet masks, feel free to watch my video. Below,  I'll also write a section about my top tips for using sheet masks.

First, I'd like to talk about the Bridal Bag--it's a collection of Asian beauty products and sent it to me to review. They are a new online seller of Asian beauty products that is located in the US.

I was a bride earlier this year, so it is easy to relate to how I would use this bag : ). It comes with two My Beauty Diary sheet masks, the wash off My Beauty Diary mask, a hair wrap, eyeshadow, eyeshadow brush, shimmering primer and all in a cosmetic bag. (I'm obsessed with cosmetic bags...! I have toooo many..)

1. Two My Beauty Diary Sheet Masks (Pearl Powder Mask & Red Wine Mask)
My favorite sheet mask from My Beauty Diary is the Aloe one but it was nice to try out these varieties. My skin has been very tired and blah lately so I did these two nights in a row and noticed my skin felt much better. I like sheet masks because they can be rejuvenating for skin and these two in particular say they nourish, repair, tighten and refresh skin. I think this is true, though no tightening as the Red Wine mask says. For me that is just fine.

2. Hair wrap
Hair wraps are good for showers, doing makeup, and also while you are doing your sheet masks. I already have one, but now I can keep one in my bathroom and my makeup area to use all the time. This one is very soft.

3. Eyeshadow & Brush 
I am a big fan of ELF brushes because they are cheap and they work great, though I do have other higher-end brushes. The brush included in this set is really nice! It doesn't have a cheap feel like many others and works well. I think I will be using it often. It's especially nice to have the two ends.
For the eyeshadow, there are two options--a pearly white and a shimmering pink. I received the pink one and I really love the pigment form. It's a perfect color for me. I plan to do a makeup video soon on some kawaii makeup tips I have, and I think powder form eyeshadows will work great for that look!

Look how pigmented it is!! The left is the eyeshadow, with just one swipe of the brush..and the right is the shimmering primer!

4. My Beauty Diary Cucumber Soothing Wash off Mask (Choice out of 3 varieties)
For this one you can choose your wash off mask, and I choose cucumber so it would be soothing for skin. It's a thick consistency with a mild cucumber scent. I really enjoy using this when I'm taking a long shower! If I take off my makeup at the beginning of the shower, I feel my skin tighten and feel very dry. If I take off my makeup, then use this mask, my skin feels much better and I don't feel as rushed to finish up. Of course after rinsing, I still do the rest of my skincare routine as normal.

5. Liole Blooming Shimmer Pearl BaseThe first thing I noticed was the cute packaging! I fall easily to packaging and I wish big brands like at Sephora could get a little more kawaii : ) This product is meant to be a glowing primer for under your makeup. I like the consistency and the shine but I didn't notice too much of an effect--I usually wear heavier makeup so using a lighter foundation or BB cream (as they suggest) may let it show through more. It would be fun for summer. I may use this to top on my cheeks over my makeup and see how that works too. I'm also really pale so its unique for a product to be light enough to use.

The bridal bag is $30 and can be found here. They also offer a variety of individual products and monthly beauty bags.

I also have a post about facial massage, and a Shiseido Perfect Whip review post that may be helpful too.

To let you guys know, they sent me this bag as a gift for me to give an honest review. If you have any more questions for me, I'd be happy to answer and offer my opinion.

Also, if you are interested in that translated sheet about My Beauty Diary's full mask you go!

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