Monday, January 19, 2015

Maid Cafe: Heart of Hearts (Akihabara) Review ハートオブハーツ秋葉原のメイド喫茶

Once you are in Akihabara, you will see maids on every corner advertising their maid cafe! Of course Bo was really excited to go to a maid cafe!

I helped chose a cafe that was a little bit away from the main road and was less crowded--Heart of Hearts. (There was only one other guy there--an obvious 'regular'--when we arrived at opening!) The maid cafe had a school theme and we had to sit at a desk and agree to all of the rules of the cafe when we entered.

It had a very homey and personal feel with about two maids and the chef (also a girl). Our maid knew some English but Bo and I were able to mostly be okay with some simple Japanese. It was really cool to talk to her about games and anime, because it was much more personal than I had anticipated. It was awesome that we could take photos of our food too!

Bo got omurice. The maid actually forgot how to write the character for 'moe' -__- haha. He bought a set with a drink.  I got a tower of pancakes! It was so good, but there was no way I could finish it!

Not to mention, I made sure we went to a maid cafe on Bo's birthday--first, because I knew that's what he wanted and secondly, because I knew this maid cafe's do something special for birthdays!!

Bo got a special cake, sung happy birthday, and we got a picture with our maid! After she took the polaroid picture she drew a cute kitty and Happy Birthday. Such a cute momento!

We got to stay there for about an hour. The other customer had paid for the maid to sing a song, so we saw the performance too! It was a karaoke song.

I recommend this cafe if you want to find a cafe that is low key and more personal! Here is a link to their website.

Let me know about any maid cafes you have been to!


  1. Aww the food looks adorable :) I haven't been to a maid cafe before - but looks like you went to a really cute and great one :)

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    1. yeah! we were lucky to have such a nice time : )