Sunday, January 18, 2015

*゚Rilakkuma Jewelry from J-Plus Rakuten Review リラックマジュエリー楽天*゚

Have you heard about Rilakkuma jewelry? There is a variety of jewelry pieces with Rilakkuma now.

Rilakkuma San-X Jewelry. Photo from San-X online shop.
I was so excited to see the variety of rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Some have pearls or gemstones and can be in silver or gold. One disappointing thing is that most of the series does not use real white gold or pearls--even with the $100 and up price tag.

My ears are easily allergic to materials that are not real gold, so I would need to look into the materials used if I were to buy the earrings. Luckily, with a Google translate add-on you can usually translate the Japanese and find out the material.

If these rings had been made with slightly higher quality gemstones and material, I would have of course chosen it for my engagement ring, but I'm worried if it will last my life! I would be devastated if my wedding ring got old looking after a couple years...

But! Bo knew how much I loved the jewelry and got me the Rilakkuma silver ring for Christmas a year ago. I sometimes even wear it on my ring finger on a daily basis and have not noticed any aging yet. I am careful not to expose it to water or harsh soaps and I take good care of it. I want it to last!

The perks of buying this ring is that you get an adorable Rilakkuma jewelry bag and monogrammed box and bag. So lovely!

Bo bought it from Rakuten. At the time, they had a special sale that they would wrap it for free and have it arrive on the date of your choosing. Since Japanese ring sizes were a little confusing, I think he opted for one of the larger sizes (even though my fingers are very small for a Westerner, about a size 5 3/4). It fits perfect! (*so lucky*) He paid about $120 with shipping, EMS.

Please go here to view the shop he bought from (J-plus).

Photo from J-Plus shop on Rakuten.

Please let me know if you have any Rilakkuma jewelry or experience buying from Rakuten!

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  1. Oh my god. Rilakkuma ring :O
    That is seriously amazing as I am a massive Rilakkuma fan :)
    I want one now so so bad. Thank you so much for posting this because now
    I know such thing exists! Totally going to save up and get one now.
    It was so sweet of your other half to buy you that ring, you lucky lady.

    I also just want to say i love your blog.
    I also blog and i blog mainly about kawaii lifestyle and fashion along with other bits and bobs.
    Feel free to check it out and what not

    Wish me luck on getting a Rilakkuma ring :)

    1. Haha! I felt the same way after I found out too! I was like O.O I need to get this!!
      Thank you! I will check out your blog :) take care